Counselling: Peer or Professional

And, if “Professional” – professional what? Credentials count. Education over experience, which is emotional understanding of events over time, bright when new and through the maturity, age over time.

The difference between a layperson and your friend, and a trained expert, educated and work experienced, through the higher hierarchy of professionalism:

worker, supervisor/coach, manager/teacher to Policy/Philosopher – Lessons Learned and Best Practised Reported and Memo’d down, collected wisdom, write in Manual, Technical, Training, Tacitial – Proceedure or Strategic – Project Special Application and Variation Analysis, aka contextualizing variables and conditions.


Workflow and Project Management. Hive of Hierarchy, eh – so hierarchical

know when you need a friend vs professional help… out of depth and out of bounds.

the trouble is, finding one that will help you with your issue and not try to insert their own.


A business licence on the wall is not a creditial, just like a Better Business Sign is just a badge of membership and paying the city fees of doing business.

it is 2016 and there are still professional tarot card readers with store fronts.


All in the Family – is the only place anyone gets to say any jibber jabber that they want, that show was not epic for the lines, but the sound effect – the first time a toilet Flush was a line of dialog, commentary and a running joke – Daddy’s full of shit. Both Ends.


the 1950s of Daddy Knows Best was over and the 1980s brought us Rosanne and Married with Children – and the generational battle of children becoming teenagers, that whole not liking each other, starts at hom, Families are where all your Buttons are Factory Installed and your Society is where all the bells and whistles. blur and whirls …


The 1970s, Peak Tits and Ass – Aron Spelling – John Ritter was first to tv to have a hetero guy pretend to be gay. On the sitcom SOAP – there was Jodi Dallas – goofy sitcoms copying from Daytime Soap Opera Pathos. talk about yer bodice rippers, yet, people find inspirations in strange places

FamilyTies_S6_ecosby show5c476a3e327b8568e54e10469f1cc42e

in the 1980s, tv families were Liberal Parents with conservative offspring – the grandparent rebound kids vs the of the now and future (the daughters) in Suburbia with harsher parents raising harder kids – The Cosbies the first all black professional family


when the sitcom M*A*S*H went off air, it brought audiences together in a way not seen on tv before, the comedy that ran longer than the war it was set in (korea) and the war it was really about (vietnam).  Couching Commentary, subtext overtext, symbolism, analogy, and media literacy.


America’s most famous family: The Eweings, Who Shot Jr The TV Cliffhanger, with their Oil family spinning off Knots Landing – warning us towards sugar and children’s attention and energy management, but also electric and non-polluting cars.


Cheers was the next show – that space between work and home, that bar and our community of misfits – the chosen family.

barbie-vs-he-manshades of greyLittleMosque_1400x1050

Friends and How I Met Your Mother, more recent versions of the Chosen Family, one about Coffee because too many of us were adult children of alcoholics, smoking was bad and coffee shops were in. How I Met Your Mother focussed on club hang out bar and weed was sandwhiches… stoner culture, post 1970s Cheech and Chong…. Cheech is American and Chong is Canadian, eh?


POV – Point of View – depends on who’s doing the viewing




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