Career vs Calling: Preaching

Do you have to believe what you say to people?

A career is a job you do over your lifetime and apparently the problem of religion is that the people who are pitching it to the punters in the pews, don’t believe what they are selling, so there is a question of why do it and what else can you do if religion has been your whole life?

or can we just admit now that religion is money for nothing and mostly altar boys for free?

Religion is Ingrateful

Religions: All for One, One for All

That Higher Call to God’s Law, eh.

On God and The Law

The Law vs Religion

so much for sincerely held belief?



Review of atheist Toronto minister ‘difficult’ but necessary, United

MetroNews CanadaApr 1, 2016
David Allen, executive secretary of the Toronto conference, said an unprecedented review of Gretta Vosper’s fitness as minister is difficult to …
Story image for Gretta Vosper from Toronto Star

United Church dismisses appeal by atheist minister to halt review

Toronto StarMar 31, 2016
… dismissed an appeal by Gretta Vosper to halt the planned review. … the committee said the ruling initiating the hearing of Vosper’s fitness to …
Story image for Gretta Vosper from

Can an atheist be a United Church minister?

CBC.caMar 25, 2016
Does Gretta Vosper have the right qualifications to be a minister? She’s articulate. She speaks passionately about civic engagement and …
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