Suffering Suckitude: No Fools, eh

2016, the first day of April. Second Day of Spring 2016 and it’s just warm , while back east, snowstorms.

So, Like Meanwhile, the Climate is totally changed while “teach the controversy” continues.

Dear world: there is no Science Controversy, only continued religious hysteria of not being able to control the message or explain anything; you know, something useful for the social harm they continue to do by messing people up into ignorance pride.

Global Warming and CO23896 Peer Reviewed papersthe debate is over 97

Today I had a panic attack, in the worst possible location. A hospital. The last place anyone needs to be just panicking. I was not able to complete my MRI appointment for follow up.

Alas, I do not get to have a reward for getting through what I did not do. Such is life. n’est-pas. I think that is the francophonic phrase. Certainly from whence the Canadian “eh” is partly derived and includes as a meaning. Bilingualism at peak merger, the Canadian verbal Gallic Shrug. Whatcha youse goinking to do about eet? Forgedubdoudit.

Can’t even be sure that people who read the English words know how to parse from UK, Commonwealth – Australia/New Zealand and Canada/America regionalism, californication indeedie do eh?

I did one of those “What American Accent are you?” online tests and got the response, “you are from Minnesota and are often mistaken for Canadian.” 

When the Vikings settled in Canada, they did so mostly in the Maritimes, the middle of the prairies in Winnipeg and in the Vancouver and Vancouver Island area in British Columbia.

A settlement of Icelanders on The Island (Vancouver Island, as we refer to it from the Mainland of BC) in the late 1800s and early 1900, died out in starvation and the eventual desperation of cannibalism. But, other than that, Scandinavian migration fared as well as everyone else’s who moved here.

The railroad building, naturally brought a lot of temp foreign workers who eventually settled here; and over the 2 decades, the Canadian Government has done public awareness and education, in addition to public school about what sorts of government conduct was going on in those times and explaining why there was Truth and Reconciliation Commissions.

Why Money Now was spent to pay for grievous wrongs in the past – like the Chinese Head Tax, Japanese Internment and Seizure of Properties (homes and businesses), and other events in Canadian history of Refusing Entry, or Throttling it with Red Tape and Cost Recovery Fees.

Meanwhile, in the news: Actual News, we continue to pit vulnerable sectors against each other for the same budget bucket and argue over which pail it’s coming from, while we wring our hands and whine about things not being perfect set up or why are things are as they are, when we already know the answers but more studies are needed right! eh. yeeaahhhhnnnno.

McPovertyno borders

Below Links are to the CBC Website (Canada Broadcast Corporation)

The deal breakerwater scare picture

Autism therapy wait list changes ‘a difficult process,’ minister acknowledges

Protective Legislation Be Goneenvironmental disasters

B.C.’s top public servant reflects on career, ‘quick wins,’ health care firings

200px-A_Modest_Proposal_1729_Coverhard vs soft science

Canada’s news sounds like pornography and Dear Australia, we get that, eh?

Mountie ushers wandering beaver off B.C. highway

Polio-triumphpolio eradication

Free Speech Battles in Canada

Judge reserves decision in case of profane anti-Harper sign in car

“Someone that age should know better than to put profanity on the back of a car, driving where so many young children are out,” said Linda Trewin.

‘This is a police state’

But Wells, who represented himself in court, said he knew he had to challenge the ticket because it suppressed his right to freedom of expression.


Community Standards of Manners vs Fair Commentary

Medical MarijunaUs vs Them

Also depends on Who’s Community, Who’s Standards – context and content.

waterI am canadian

Given that PM Stephen Harper is the first time the general public favour turned to using the word “Harper” as various pejoratives, swears and put downs…

silenceRainbow crossing 6

Not to mention the word “fuck” has been a comma or place holder sound phrase for so long that the 1970’s Battlestar Galactica “swear word” – ” “frac” or “frak” is, because of the CGI TV Age reboot of the same, it’s the go-to work around swear word for sitcoms and has dripped into other shows as tv characters include geeks.


I mean – We open with a Master Shot of a dwelling filled with set decor crap to reveal the inner character.

nation of changeinvisibilty visibility

Fauz Amis   I mean Faux Amis – a France French phrase for words that sound alike in languages but do not mean the same thing.

Toronto Canadahomeless reflects society

We need to learn that Prejudice Now, Becomes Reparation Payments Later.

Settling earlier is cheaper and more meaningful.


World watching as Canada casts aside austerity and gambles on a fiscal surge Mar 24

Canada is being watched by the world? I guess we are not a little Provincial Colony Cannon Fodder Nation anymore, Montreal, Toronto and Vancouver, advertised for the last decade as a place where you can at least get legally married, even if it’s only romantic, but if you work for the United Nations, it means that you are recognized to have rights, right?

09 14 2011evil-homeopathist

related on this blog:

Alternatives to medicine do not contain medicine. Complimentary means diverting money into at best spa versions and at worst, delay and complications for what actually ails one, eh.

Congratulations India for eradicating polio

today's polio vaccine is in the form of oral drops

well, that’s all the news I can cope with and it’s the end of the day, laters internet

Raw Recovery Specialist


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