Grab n Go Emergency Rebar in the bag


The Various City Halls around the GVRD do safety awareness give aways now and then and even Grocery Stores stock basic kits.

Shop Savvy and take advantage of sales – once you have managed yourself – you can create an Emergency Block Preparedness awareness and help others get organized – balance OCD, and retail therapy, extreme couponing, etc, into a blog on how to help anyone else willing to listen, eh?

No need to bother people in their homes telling them ANYTHING about how to do with their lives. Peddlers and hagglers, con artists and scammers are who unknown to you people are the door knockers on your door offering to fix things under the tax system or ignore your right to your rights by just wanting to talk about their religion. Selling is selling, whether the product is an object or a concept……

Anway, these are sold in grocery stores in Canada and I do not sell them, I am recommending them as a good quality food product snack or emergency supply.


Anyway, I do not now, nor have I ever worked for this company, ReBar is a Canadian product – I am unsure if it is still a Canadian company – their products are in grocery stores and they are a healthy alternative to sugary snacks.

Kellog’s breakfast cereal was created as a sugar added version from a Wellness Recipe inspired to lower libido by carbing up the breakfast – oats and plain boiled grains now popped and puffy or condensed and crunchy in milk whole grain goodness.

Over time, the grain husk was removed and by the 1970s, children’s cereals were sugar. Complex and simple versions with the nutrition being the milk. Plus Marshmellows.



When they first came out, they looked and tasted like a only slight moist brick of grass.

I bought them 12 in a box and kept them in my desk drawer for emergencies.

Combined with bagged water and compressed emergency food rations, it added another layer of food texture, flavour and nutrition to make this kind of stuff edible.

The primary recipe for a brick of food concentrate is apparently a Canada Coast Guard secret recipe, that has been build and tinkered with over time for military and pro sports, to university to the consumer level – adding more fats, sugar and salts and juice sluice fiber and moisture  at every level. until there is no nutritional content left.

Special K Nourish Bars

this is a candy bar: Special K nourish. So treat it like one, however you use it. not for daily use. In fact, any product that recommends itself as a daily alternative to food or supplement is the clue for you to just eat food, eh? Plus water enough to maintain hydration, relative to your climate and exercize and weather. You don’t need to drink as much when it’s raining, you breath in and out humidity too.



Honestly, the best ever food news was that we finally know how fat actually leaves your body and why you lose it. We breath it in and out. We also excrete our excess, via hair, nails – fingers and toes, as well as the urinary – the liquid end of the lung system and the anus that everyone is too upset about, yet.. it too is the end system, first formed and then the opposite orifice: the mouth, eh

Juicing is the extreme nutrition minus fiber – every time you juice – reuse the pulp into something else you eat to balance out.

Dehydrating is removing moisture and concentrating the fibres, fats and flavours.


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