Words: Forbidden, Spoken or Redeemed

A word that begins with the letter N and negatively refers to people.


Nazi or N-Word. Happy, Gay, Queer – If you speak or spell the word or just refer to it, eh?

hQ9exCanada and Terror_gifkeefe


words that meant one thing and then were used to mean something else


irony, tension….

supporting the troopswater and air


Any sentence beginning with the phrase “Some of my best friends are…” or other qualifiers, such as “IMHO”, It/Was/Should be – can safely be disagreed with.

Putting the fun back in fundamentalistUs vs Themtumblr_losxow0Occ1qbq86qo1_500

using a word to describe a group of people as having only negative characteristics, means prejudice.

From Neighbourhood Watch to Concentration Camps

Words and their contexts – @ home; @play or @work, as in position of authority to do something or influence others.


The Holocaust That Dare Not Say It’s Name: The New World Edition

A word, a context and subtext, spoken in a tone from disgust to pride – who says the word – and about whom and to what audience?


was there ever a time when being a murdering rapist was deemed a bad thing?


Depends on who is documenting the events into history. Textbooks, eh?

Frequency-of-miracles intellegent-design


Bigotry is the opinion and Prejudice is the action… words and deeds.

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