Five O – Olympics


The Olympics: A Failure of Ideals


e176316c2f893eb13f54668ac712e56d German Gold Sports Salute

The Olympics are a failure across the board

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Olympics: When the Jock/Smock Line Blurs

Roberta-Bondar   Nina Tryggvason anthropology quote Royal Families of Europe I hear Banjos


Elvisworld: Gender and Jenner: Sports – Where Men are Men and Woman run second


So why are the Olympics and the ParaOlympics separate events and not just the last group to run the same event – watched during the pointless entertainment portions, because shouldn’t seeing the comparison, showing off the apparently lack of difference in terms of personhood.

7ffcdc41e5fa41d421c159e1232af952  sitting-kills

Olympics are no longer national interests to show off, they are about Corporate Sponsorships and everyone who competes doesn’t get to pretend to be getting the same level of government support as everyone else.

That McDonalds, a food product no serious athlete would eat is an event sponsor…

McReligion les-5-éléments-feng-shui-300x279 famous-marijuana-smokers  Fertility-Goddess filmvsdigitalcomic

56e6ab9b3425a1ed927a3667930cc630 anti-discrimination-laws-should-protect-people-not-beliefs tumblr_mk4tfuhv6O1rrrniro1_500

That the Hockey has been openly Pro players shows the joke as badly as figure dance skating and other Artistic Merit which means it’s not a sport, it’s the art face of being physically fit.

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sigmund_freud_quote tumblr_nsqjasT8wa1two3l0o1_1280 Screen-Shot-2014-11-19-at-9.18.41-AM-1024x496 tumblr_inline_nc27hnWLEj1qkdikm sms-10507 ConductUnbecoming women_like_men_onl_3010598k employee-motivation-concept-23100106 What-is-Productivity-Definition-Meaning

2010 – Canada – Vancouver’s Games – women in some sport not allowed to compete because insufficient fandom.

Canada’s Charter of Rights was the first and best chance that Women had on the world stage of Corporate Sports.

These Olympics – 2010 in Canada was the first time there was an outreach to the queer community.

The 1990s Gay Games happened because openly queer people were not allowed to compete.

not-sure-if-meme-coffee luke-i-am-your-coffee-maker_o_1121178 Low-Power

Hearing a sentence vs Reading one

In a sports event invented by Greece, where it was done nude to adore the best of the male form, from lying on a couch, being fed grapes and whatever you wanted next or at the some time.

Ancient Classical Rome the public bath era where people of all social classes sat down to talk about the matters of the day and drop their urine and solid wastes. Cleaning themselves with a private sponge on a stick, dipping into a common trough of water.

They did mostly have lice and ticks, it was the era when drinking water ran in lead lined aquaducts – something that certainly lead to stupidity…and eventually the end of that era. the people carried on, under new masters and sometimes a new religion or a language.

school bullies

Canada’s Olympic Sweetheart: Karen Magnussen vs Worker’s Compensation

In the modern era – until the 1970s, we used lead tubes for toothpaste. then plastic.

Hard plastics and soft plastics, tubs and containers – wash and use to store in fridge.

NOT the microwave – soft plastics, leeching exnoestrogrens, hormone mimicking.. feminising masculinizing and balancing something some there in between.

nature and nuture, environmental exposures.

Tennis: Boobs are bigger than Balls


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Playing Musical Queers

It is wonderful to me at almost 50, that Canadian people in their 30s and 20s are shocked there was discrimination against queer people.

Lace+that+shit+up+i+bet+you+read+this+in_4ec3ed_4647731 you-dont-know-how-to-read-this-in-my-voice


I think the most forbidden word is “retarded”

flame retardant

reduce retain reclaim retard slow down impair


function to functionality

context is King

so is Elvis

too bad he did special concerts and not special event appearances, eh?



Ghengis Khan might have given the most Ys to the world


how many millions of people make their actual living impersonating Elvis Presley, on their tax forms?


offspring that survive to form a society or a society that mimics an individual….


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