World of Elvis: TV Fantasy

Elvis Presley has been played as a character in more movies and tv shows than that he had actually appeared in as an actor or performer during his lifetime.

There are however, astonishing audio and 8 or 16 mm reel films made of him and he is likely the most photographed human who lived. He certainly is well represented in the global statues around the world. In Web 2.0, I have been able to interact with people who were the fans in some of the most iconic images of Elvis, and talked to a lot of people who had attended an Elvis concert. Frankly, Elvis on his most widely uneven concerts remain the most sought after soundboards.

There’s almost 1,000 recorded by fans or the soundboard techs out there in vinyle, cd, and other formats etc…fan sites and so webforth on, eh

tumblr_mz1s5oYPb81rmnjtyo1_250 tumblr_mz1s5oYPb81rmnjtyo3_250Elvis-68-Special-Black-Leather-Suit-Front

Most usually he is played as a skin layer over characters – Jeff Goldbloom in Jurrasic Park (insert graphic later), something pulled on like a cape or trenchcoat, leather jacket.

Sweaty Elviselvistatuetupelo2

First you live a life like no one else, live to become a parody of yourself, still copied by everyone in as sly a way as they can, because Elvis was why everyone else tried to be a rock star – Girls Girls Girls.

The Prettier the boy the lighter the material to sell to girls and gay men, the more unattractive the male, the harder the music, compressed beat, wall of sound, drums drive or symphony and have the male fans and the groupies that follow, men about male sexuality,

Who is the Gay Elvis? Freddie vs Adam

Freddie Mercury and Iron Maiden, all that leather chains and smbd sex gear as stage wear…

Girls who wanted to attract boys put up heavy metal pictures, so the guys had an excuse to hang out at the locker and chat.

Locker door to Facebook Page…..Content vs Content Grinder, grist for the mill…


ElvisWorld: John Cage

The tv show Memphis Beat lasted 2 seasons and gave us a Cop by Day Elvis Impersonator by night, like other shows, didn’t find it’s footing and turned down the Elvis aspect, which was the only thing making it not just another cop show, Memphis is only mostly interesting to people because of Elvis and Beale Street, Lanskey’s and OvertonShell, the Zippin Pippin and the Sun Records and Popular Records where Elvis hung out.

MusicWorld: Queen Latifah is The Lesbian Elvis

When Bush the Elder was President in the 1990s and the Elvis tv series with Michael St Gerard about Elvis getting onto Sun – the President was routed around the film set. Mind you, that was after the 1980s, when no president would interrupt 2-3 General Hospital’s time slot and Universities didn’t even bother to schedule classes during the broadcast hour.

Elvisworld: Gender and Jenner

Now, there’s a Mick Jagger, Rolling Stones – who just performed an historic first western rock concert in Cuba – tv show he is producing with Martin Scorsese (who was one of the film editors on Elvis That’s The Way It Is – the first of 2 proper professional filming of Elvis in Concert.


Elvis from the waist up

The show is Vinyl and Elvis Impersonator Sean Klush is playing Elvis, in an unreal storyline of Elvis being open to Label Shopping. The episode seems to explore whether it’s possible to be both middle-aged and culturally relevant.. however, there is no irony to foreshadowing a death or wrongly predicting the outcome of a person’s life when it is already a known.

ElvisWorld: Rock ‘n’ Jazz Roots

When Played by an Impersonator, the role is played with respect, regrets of what could have been had Elvis Presley taken charge of his own career and not been Col Tom Parker’s Puppet Performer.

I have long thought that whatever Elvis did, he reset the bar and become the template for celebrity, that is a super star, transcending generations, but also cultures.


Elvis Presley was not ultimately made happy by his material success,  and he was deeply distressed over the lack of quality, he was just not able to stand up to his manager.

Elvis Presley didn’t lack insight into his situation, he knew where and when and how much of his dreams that he compromised for cash grabs, because he’d manic depression spent himself into financial corners. He was in terror of the chart changes, he was used to being #1 through the entire year, RCA 1956 – his best year – he was 50% of their entire business.

Buying Elvis Books: An Ethical and Credibility Guide

I also see that another Stanley Brother is publishing yet another tabloid book because leeching off of Elvis and his fans is easier than having your own career.

ElvisWorld: Hound Dogs

Honestly, it’s not Elvis’ fault that your Mom left your Dad for Vernon after she failed to score Elvis himself. The Three Stanley Brothers were step brothers to Elvis, and they worked for him and each of them had abandoned him, one was smoking pot with a pal in the pool room and spent every day since then trying to obscure that, and another one was supposed to be delivering the infamous pill packets and spent every day since then trying to obscure that.


Clue: the last meal that Elvis Presley ate was ice cream and cookies, within 6 hour time frame of his death – and no one has ever admitted to being the person who ate that or got that with him, and Elvis Presley never had to pour himself a glass of water.

Charlie HodgeMountain Valley Spring water1954

Water is what you drink to re-hydrate. When you eat raw fruits and vegetables you are getting three things: 1. water. 2. nutrition. 3. fiber.

Water is the first ingredient of everything, including people.

Sugary drinks, be they yeasty, malty, sugary, salty, sweet or savoury – break down in either complex sugars or simple ones. Fermenting, juicing, brewing and steeping, squeeze and drink or store and age it’s all the same.

Elvis Presley was an early devotee of Gaterade at the time when only the University of Florida football team was using it. He mentioned it often enough in concerts, it was how he avoided the infamous Vegas Voice.

Patsy Cline, when she performed in Vegas, openly had her records playing on the side of the stage, she apologized to the audience but didn’t want to let them down. Something that the Lip Synch Milli Vanillis – Poseur De Jours never learn.

ee9d7a21b2e533dede03b822d883433320150403_175329 Elvis gaterade

The person who most likely had brought him that last meal, with a pill attack pack, was his Aunt Delta – his father’s sister who continued to live in the mansion and would often appear in front of fans screaming that them to get out of her house.

She was still living there in 1987, when I walked through Graceland with my blind Aunt Olof and described the house to her in so much detail that the tour guides held me back to talk to me and answer my Aunt’s questions about the house.

George with Scotty MooreBeatlespaul-dj-scotty

the next year, they sold audio tours and There was the Elvis’ Graceland tv special that was sold to the video stores and Elvis fans who didn’t manage to work their VCRs.

You know that jokes are out of date when you can just refer to the punchline 12:00

Either saying it “flashing 12:00” or repeating the time three times to let the audience catch up to the joke as sniggering, snickering and laughter of the Got it, Getting it, OMGotcha.

ElvisWorld: ETAs as TV Show Characters

The Elvis Archetype (note to self, fix this post facebook broke)

The Lessons of Elvis: The higher the demand for respect – or rather reverence – the higher the scrutiny the belief or claim should be subjected to; and, the reality is,  that some sacred cows are destined to become hamburgers.

ElvisWorld: Graceland Human Rights Ground Zero?

Beatle_StonesThe_Beatles_rooftop_concert BeatlesInIndia_photo

Who changed it more: Elvis or Captain Kirk?

ElvisWorld: If Elvis had lived

ElvisWorld: The Steve Allen Show

Lessons in Humility, eh?

Liberace and Elvis5604-05-Vegas1015 Nov 1956, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA --- Original caption: Las Vegas, Nevada: Liberace Serenades Elvis. In his first appearance since his European tour, Liberace and his troupe favors special ringside guest Elvis Presley with a number at the Riviera early today. after the show, Elvis joined Liberace backstage for an impromptu jam session in which Elvis played the piano and Liberace the guitar. --- Image by © Bettmann/CORBIS

Guitar vs Piano Players?

There’s No Business Like Show

TV Shows…Where Tropes Began

The Reasoning Brain: Game Theory


Compulsive Orderliness Time Savers for Imaginationaries

Elvis and Nixon – The A Lister Biopic


Party Girls: Pandora to Jones

Demographic Women of Sexuality

Chaos Theory: Sea Monkey Power


Start with 1 person who tells 1 more and so

BlogRoll! Atlas of Prejudice

Freedom of speech includes offensive speech


God on the Witness Stand

War on Christmas

The Antiquarian Twist: Eugenics & Euthanasia

Elvis-and-Felton-Jarviselvisfeltonjarvis  tumblr_nkmvtn3iz81s0hd7do1_500

Elvis Presley with his final Producer – Felton Jarvis. it wasn’t just Col Parker that Elvis was loyal to. Elvis Presley abandoned people, so he wasn’t always the good guy, Col Parker was also his scapegoat for when he didn’t really want to do anything.

RCA signed a trio from SUN and Elvis’s band was replaced by session musicians. in some ways, Elvis did forget his roots, he lost perspective going from bottom to top, with so much early success, then repeating himself. how could someone not, given the givens?


France’s Liberty Gift Award for rebelling against The English


and an ancient Roman Statue


1970s Elvis’ Houston Arena Shows – They didn’t want The Sweets on Stage with Elvis, he said, fine, cancel the show. The stadium’s owner’s daughter drove the Sweets into the arena to get on that stage.


1960s when The Beatles toured America, they refused to play segregated audiences.

That was really a Paul McCartney thing as Lennon’s infamous Jesus interview indicated disturbing xenophobic tendancies….. The Beatles toured America with Bill Black – Elvis’ bassist as an opening act.

9c1f4eed8ea0c7811d2f6ac2e865d887The Beatles, George Harrison, Ringo Starr, Paul McCartney and John Lennon, have their hair combed by stylists on the set of their first movie production, "A Hard Day's Night," at Twickenham Film Studios in Middlesex, outside London, England, on March 12, 1964. The hair stylists, who have parts in the film, are, from left, Patti Boyd, 19, Tina Williams, 17, Pru Bury, 22, and Susan Whitman, 17.

The Beatles in a staged moment and Elvis hanging out in Vegas with a pal.


Elvis often paid for medial and funeral expenses for his fellow rock stars. Big Bopper to Jackie Wilson and others.


Meanwhile Muhammad Ali really should be the poster boy of head injury and concussion trauma… didn’t Will Smith play Ali and a concussion doctor in movies?

Elvis and Jackie Wilson 70s  17f9e0eb6d175341791b2efb2187efdd


Elvis Sinatra and AstaireElvis and Glen CampbellTurban_Elvis1xtumblr_lmfiajVUns1qe7uqto1_500Elvis and Cary GrantAli and ElvisFatsDomino1billy_ward_elvis_presleybb_king_elvis_presleySammyJrElvis3brook_benton_elvis_presley_408

THanks KanyeKanye v McCartney 1war is over

vernon_elvis_gladys_tupeloengelbert_humperdinck_and_elvis_presleyelvis_admiring_tom_jones_watch310561_1Mahalia Jackson1f6fd75361e4374bc3dd681ed417ef53

elvis-beatles-1965presely beatles summit

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