USAWatch: Trump vs Clinton

March 30, 2016

The American Presidential Nomination Phase has reached the Bash Lead Candidate more then your internal rivals.

This is where Party Positions are best summarized.

Donald Trump is willing to allow women to be punished for family planning and managing their own health care. Is anyone actually surprised? This is core base pandering to a party who’s various leaders are for Rapist’s Parental Rights.

Men Vote and Women Cast Ballots.

Bumper Sticker Psychology 101: Ethnicity Disphoria is now a Thing

The Republican Party is the last refuge for men to master women; why Clarence Thomas was put on their Supreme Court and Anita Hill went down harder than anywhere else and Black Heterosexual Men became White Enough.


America: He Said, She Said. It’s more than Just a Thing.

Conservative Myth #1 Liberals secretly think you are sexy and enjoy being dominated.

Nope. Repulsive, Repugnant, Representative of all that is wrong with the world.

Law: letter, spirit and intent

How Workplaces Become Toxic

USAWatch: Ben Carson and his unconfirmed memoir

Memo to Bobby Jindal, The Katrina Governor

Dear Log Cabin Republicans, you are not fooling anyone, you’ve thrown the rest of us under the bus; There is no such thing as Straight Acting Enough.

Intolerance does not turn to tolerance, nor is tolerance actual acceptance – inclusion. Something that people who brag about not being “politically correct” are complaining about, not being able to bully other people anymore.

Memo: Silencing White Men

Dear Birthers: ‘splain Cruz

1 Cup 1 Conservative

Suffering Suckitude: Kim Davis Solidifies Martyr Credentials

Religionwatch: Pizza Bigots Pwn Other Bigots

Pizza Shaming and Shunning

War on Christmas

Band Aid, a British Project resulted in goods and food wasted in train cars, if it even got that far; Administration Costs and Corrupt Governments in Africa reduced the amount actually wasted. It resulted in a wave of other national groups doing a song too.

“We are the world” was a selected group of singers, and the Country Stars in America did a single called “We’re all one Family”, while the Heavy Metal Stars did “We’re Stars”.

In Canada, “tears are not enough” – where there were check your ego at the door, vs put on tape is kinda telling.

Between Band Aid,  WoodStock Anniversarys, Willie Nelson starting farm aid; the once musical festival tradition turned into fundraisers and who’s more concerned about the environment than thou, as I drink from plastic bottles of water, or just drink on stage, and fly in and out on my private jets, dumping fuel and waste between airport hops.

Elvis Presley paid 100% of his taxes, so that the American government could function.

Meanwhile, Queen, ABBA and other 1970s supergroups had tax battles with their governments so tax laws were re-written for cheaters and rule benders, scoffers.

U2, the Ireland group owns more homes than they can really live in, including leveling a mountaintop, tax haven-ing their money while demanding that governments help the poor.

JK Rowlings is not a billionaire, she has created a fan industry, and has given away all the money she doesn;t need to live the lifestyle she wants.

America’s promise didn’t prove true until Obama. Born in Hawaii to an American Woman, with a Kenyan father, 2 term President of America.


$100 Laptop projects for Africa and what they needed more was lamps – a plastic bottle with water and peroxide to prevent algae that they have a sustainable light low tech. Sadly, only works in the day.

But, a solar collector – enough to run a regular lightbulb and those Easy Bake children’s ovens could have been bundled with basic grains, seeds to plant to grow things to make or use commerical products.

the solution is not exporting consumer culture, but rather, allowing every culture to provide their content and be able to have a quality of life that is not survival, sustenance or desperation.


Africa… as in Out Of, eh?

National Empires vs SuperPowers: Africa Edition

Out of Africa: Risen in Turkey


  look how we’re treating our birthplace this is where all of us come from there is more genetic diversity with Africa than the entire rest of the world combined and there is less than 1% genetic difference between you … Continue reading


the 1970s happened, when do all those social contract promises and offers come true?


tell me the one again about having come a long way baby because I get to smoke cigarettes and be as gross as men? oh, that was the 1940s, not the 1960s like a recent Mad Man tv show would like to believe, going backwards in time to have nice costumes and be sexist in context and it’s a bs world after all.

Advertising to hostile audiences: Xtians vs Jedi

zeus krishna jesus christ

Business and Advertising: Movietorial


Advertising vs Lobbying: is there a meaningful difference?

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