Elvis Presley: his first to the first stage guitar


Elvis Presley was 1950s most famous teenager who lived to be middle aged. James Dean died in a car crash and when Elvis heard, he pulled over to a motel and cried until he fell asleep. He had really wanted to meet James Dean. Nick Adams, an extra/atmosphere, gadabout Hollywood who wrote gossip items for teen and gossip magazines, spent more time with Elvis than Natalie Wood, who ended her planned 2 week date-vacation with Elvis in Memphis because he was “boring” – Natalie’s words to her sister.

Elvis didn’t want sex with her and no one, absolutely no one in his company or sphere had sex with any woman that Elvis put his hand on.

Elvis never dated her for real. It was a publicity stunt.

ElvisWorld: Bill Burke on Elvis and “Little Elvis”

Rex Mansfeild, an Elvis Army buddy knew it and they waited and even talked to Elvis’ Grandmother Dodger.

d937936f5e62e6d6ee959fcc06d9ec2e Elvis with Robert Wagner

ElvisWorld Girlfriends: Elizabeth Stefaniak

Now, these are important concepts to understand – what was told to the public at the time, versus what came later, when and where and how and by who revealed – credible sources.

slider-3   rebel-without-a-cause

Elvis Presley did not grow up in the middle class, he actually grew up in the last 2 room white house at the end of the block before the next identical 2 room shack also whitewashed because who can afford paint with the first black family.


Paris, France was the only place that Elvis Presley was able to walk around and not be rushed in public.

ELVIS À PARIS - BOOK - duduhamilton.blogspot.comnancy_holloway_elvis_presley

Private Presley cost the USA 2 years of Elvis the entertainer taxes, and the US Military the security costs of making him Private like Everyone Elvis. Elvis was accidently once in USSR/Russia during a military practise game, sabre rattle, tanks rock n roller-cize.

It is certainly where Authority authorized drug use, which continues to this day as was discovered when a US Pilot dropped bombs on Canadian Troops during similar circumstances. Dead is dead, Friendly Fire or whatever. This was the lowest personal and professional era of Elvis Presley’s life and is often referred to as The Missing Years.

Which, I think is funny, because those were the only 2 years of his life he was in a secure and stable environment. Where, he got grunt experience in all the military movies and police fantasies of Establishment Authority his comic book reading superhero heart had.


Now, Mississippi USA’s proud of their Poor Boy who served his nation and wiggled his way into our hearts. This is where Elvis Presley’s church, and school and most importantly, the school library.



Elvis_stela800 Bad Nauheimaie17-insideElvis-Presley-Denkmal_vor_den_Ray_Barracks_in_Friedberg_Hessen



Hawaii USA, where Elvis Presley made 3 movies to promote Middle Class tourism to the newest state of the union. Annexed or Incorporated, eh?

Elvis and Jerry in Hawaii


TV Shows…Where Tropes Began

Bad Movie Elvis QuoteElvis tracks 2Elvis on reading

White and Black: A spectrum of politics – the Politicians

Frontier: Cowboys vs Indigenous

cfSbGlgrkeRWdc0M1Yt3Zid1Lre7054fb88a24edb6270f6cd94619dc0f6Jailhouse rock_elvis_whip

From Pan to Mono to nonTheism

here a book there a cover

queer memes

nickelvisaudubon Sal-Mineo-and-Elvis-Presley-sal-mineo-30182584-355-479

Canada eh and Oh Canada

Books and what they cover

elvis_presley_last_photoElvis Time

Scandieurorussian Old World stuff eh

Elvis hero or heelNina and Elvis on Beale StElvis Gold

The Beatles Images

RARE newspaper article Elvis sayiing goodbye Glayds diedgladys_grave_elvis_1960sElvis returning home from the cemetary august 13

King and Queens of Country – C/W images


Elvis boxingLionel Rose and Elvis



katzmanhswide212B7BCAFF00000578-3203075-image-m-12_1439968727622 2ee12e81611bbf2bea6a18a98e31250a

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