Victorian was Emo, Punks Goth

Victorian Era morbidity was fatalistic acceptance the facts of life

The Addams Family cartoon in the early newpapers, to the 1950s monster B movie Boom, to 1960s campy tv The Munsters vs The Addams from b+w to colour.

comedy is the peak parody, when the genre winds down.


1980 Dracula the Sexy Fank Langella and The Vampire Lestate book by Ann Rice in the grocery story dollar discount pulp fiction by the pound.

Then Buffy and Angel, franchised on tv, echoed with new teens with a just say no message to the sex and aphrodisiac so unto unto the Emo Glitter “Vegetarian” Vampire who just sucks animals…..just sucks actually…..

Like Top P&Ps, eh?


the creepy the crawly the slithery the slimey

Monster High The Veronica Barbies….

I expect that if anything all that Mozart for Babies did was disrupt their being able to make sense and store data in womb…to understand their environments…..

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