RIP: Patty Duke/Duke-Austin

Patty Duke was a teenaged idol on television and a movie star in the Groovy 1960s, the Goody Two Shoes, Sandra Dee, the Girl Next Door. The Good Girl.

The Helen Keller Story an Iconic tale of Disability Overcome, then her own show, playing American and British Cousins who appear as twins… Singing or silent, Dancing or Paper Doll still – the girl’s action figures, the dead tree edition of The Sims and other Electronic Paper Doll life simulation games….

She was married to fellow TV star John Austin and they had babies…

The Munsters vs The Addams Family: the 1960s sitcoms, along with Dark Shadows, a soap opera with vampires, witches and werewolves, goofy in the 60s and gothic in the 1990s.

1980 – Frank Langella turned scary predator vampires into romantic leads that made you want to get bitten, while in the Munsters and Addams family, it was married life sitcoms in Victorian, Morbid, Tim Burtonesque, Horror/Comedy, Morose and Fatalistic. Embraced in the darker sides, the creepy, gothic, emo, heavy metal punk,


Patty Duke’s IMDB obit: Remembering Patty Duke: 1946 to 2016


Patty Duke’s legacy includes mental health (bipolar) awareness – having to navigate a world where what you play determines who you are and the idea of public and private.

I feel for the loss to her offspring, she was only 1 year older than my Mom is now.

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2 Responses to RIP: Patty Duke/Duke-Austin

  1. I was a huge Patty Duke fan when I was a teenager. I saw her once at Disney World when I was on spring break at the age of 16, and she just happened to be there at the same time. A very talented and influential individual. The world will definitely miss her presence in it.

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    • dykewriter says:

      thank you for sharing that awesome fan story!

      I was Goonies aged teen wise, but my first celeb crush was Haley Mills… all those Disney movies, especially That Darn Cat.

      I did see a few of her tv show episodes when the tv broadcaster would do golden oldies.

      it’s astonishing to compare the days of live tv shows, the last of actual theatre compared to the taped in front of audience to the tapped with a laugh track.

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