PrimateWorld: The Cybot

Human evolution – divergence – humans and machines.

Once we had to memorize everything, orally told, elders to the youngers.

Tricks of Trades and Trade Secrets connected to the family or groups social place in the heirarchy – what skills one brought to the table, so to speak.

The complexity of the tools used and understanding.


Space Suits to travel in space ships and walk on the moon, to SUBA suits to take air under water, and down to depths of atmospheres, balancing internal pressures in external media.


Medieval Warfare technology becomes a Middle Class Weekend or Long Weekend18zb31tdcd8nwjpg300px-Buzo7855df14f6b5e3dff71a504b29542397

Dwelling at depth – is underwater access the real refuge of the mega rich? or remote islands? or niche communities in stable nations? Desert Dwellers, water reuse recycle…


Scuba and diving suits, snorkeling. Protective Gear to Playwear…


Technology and Have Nots… Theory Science to Applied, expanding and extending our horizons, and niches to occupy. Adaptivity is fitness.


Dune…Star Trek, Star Wars….Science Fiction vs Media Fans…


Environment, water and air, pollution, toxins, immunity, germs, contagion and exposures to hazards…


Hazmat suits, air breathers, gas, fumes and smoke, fire, oxygen too much or too little…



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