Musicworld: analog vs digital

Yes, of course there is a difference between Vinyl and Digital recordings. Analog includes the entire sound wave while digital just samples the middle, cutting off the peaks and troughs.

Analog Broadcast vs Digital Telecom

If you spent your life with headphones on, especially loud, you have damaged your ears and eventually your ability to hear all the frequencies and sounds becomes more limited.

Senses/Sensory:;Sound:;Digital and Analog…

Further, with music being a background, people don’t pay attention to it as deeply. As evidenced by people rarely knowing the correct words. or what they even mean in the song, which, singers really have to in order to get it across.

Technology images and homages

If you are unconvinced by the technologies involved and how they work, then it can be discerned by how people who do know, talk about their experiences of it.

The Format Wars: Audio and Video

When I first began reading Elvis Presley books, they ranged from tabloid rehashes, to pristine press releases, to insider expose, to technical career statistics about recording sessions, release numbers, the variations between takes of each song to the mono to stereo and quadrophonic recordings, lists and lists of releases, official, bootlegs, professional recordings and fan recordings, the SuperFans who became his semi-official photographers and concert filmers, sometimes their photos being those Jumpsuit Covers,.

Ambient Sounds to Foreground

Which might seem to blur and blend now, but at the time, all the science fiction tv show – Space 1990, Buck Rodgers and to some degree Battlestar Galactica were all jump suits and the jeans that the teenagers were wearing were bellbottoms.

it was the 1980s, when the Levis with pre-faded and acid wash and stone wash and pre-torn, the grunge used third and fourth hand look came in.

the actual Levi coveralls and jeans worn by miners and hard resource extractions famously didn’t do those thing and it took decades of wear to get that look through wearing them.

It boggles my mind that people are paying hundreds of dollars for the thin layer of denim, almost at the cut it apart for other clothes and rags, passing for jeans now.

Hearing a sentence vs Reading one

Levis and Elvis… Lives Lived, eh? Music like sports, it is all about the statistics. You can’t know it’s fun or better unless it’s quantified in some way, eh?

From Photography to Imaging: Check n Chuck

Brian Quinn is an Internet Elvis Superfan, and his hobby is Elvis and he shares his stat summaries with Elvis fan sites and on Elvis forums.

Elvis is never far from our hearts or the charts.

UK Latest Album Chart: After what seems an incredible length of time Elvis’ new album has finally dropped out of the UK Top Twenty.

Official UK Top 10 Albums Chart 25th March 2016

1 Adele – 25
2 James – Girl At The End of the World
3 Justin Bieber – Purpose
4 Jess Glynne – I Cry When I Laugh
5 Iggy Pop – Post Pop Depression
21 Elvis With The RPO -‘If I Can Dream’
94 – Re-Entry – The Nations Favourite Elvis Songs

(News, Source;BrianQuinn/ElvisInfoNet)
Other Elvis Entries On The UK Charts for 25th March, 2016:
‘If I Can Dream’ is a new entry at No.4 on the ‘End of Year Album Chart – 2015’; drops from 83 to 90 on the Album Download Chart; drops from 14 to 16 on the Album Sales Chart and drops from 10 to 13 on the Physical Album Chart.‘The Nations Favourite Elvis Songs’ is a re-entry at 93 on the Album Sales Chart and rises from 79 to 65 on the Physical Album Chart.

‘Elvis: The RCA Albums Collection’ (new Boxset) is a new entry at 100 on the Album Sales Chart and is a new entry at 68 on the Physical Album Chart.

‘If I Can Dream’
drops from 14 to 17 on the Scottish Album Chart.

‘The Nations Favourite Elvis Songs’ is a re-entry at 47 on the Scottish Album Chart.

What Queers are really tired of hearing

I wonder how many Elvis tribute impersonators confuse themselves with Elvis…

Three Jesuses Walk into a Mental Hospital


The human throat is capable of 6 glottal stop positions and most people in the world can only hear 4 of them. The range of sounds, the cadence, rhythm and the beat the beat the beat

Hearing and Listening: the Difference

When I was a teenager in the 80s, I was an Elvis fan. an aunt of mine gave me Boney M’s greatest hits album for christmas saying she wanted me to listen to good music. She was deaf……………………….. not kidding. … Continue reading


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