Happy Birthday Lucy Lawless

She was the only celebrity who was competing at the Elvis level in Web 1.0, when it was data and hobbies rather than people online and she is 48 today.


Lesbian TV: Lucy Lawless is not a lesbian

Nina with Xena fan kit

Lucy Lawless vs Bats and Locusts

suitable for faming xena fan photo 1

Lucy Lawless: Fan Tribulations

suitable for faming xena fan photo 2

Lucy, Bats and Bugs

suitable for faming xena fan photo 3

Rebooting Xena the Warrior Princess Movie

Xena blooper kits and 10th anniversy set

Spartacus: CGI vs Actual Actors

Hercules Xena role playing game

Xena fandom


Originals vs Reboots: Battlestar Galactica

1990s When Lesbian Chic had it’s 15 minutes


Q-TV: The L Metrosexual Queer as Word Folks

hmm.. I think I need to do a Lucy Lawless all images posted so far post… she’s been in so many of the shows that I watch….

ElvisWorld: Elvis & The Internet


ElvisWorld: The Elvis-Battlestar Galactica Connection

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