ElvisWorld: Cigars, Cigarettes, Weed?

Elvis Presley smoked pot in the 1950s before it was illegal.

He did smoke cigarettes and often paid the photographers who caught him smoking for their film, because he struggled to be a good role model. He enjoyed cigars.

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Elvis Presley came from families that moonshined and drank. Several to their deaths. So he rarely drank, it is one of the things most positively said about him by his insiders.

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Booze is a depressant, it makes people maudlin and violent, Elvis had a few hard drinkers in his group – Charlie Hodge most noteably. His parties had booze, but Elvis mostly drank water, sodas, juice and milkshakes. The last meal he had was cookies and ice cream.

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Elvis Presley tried LSD one time and The Beatles smoked pot at Elvis’ house when they met him in 1964.

He did medical grade drugs ordered from the pharmacy manual obtained by doctor shopping. Like Micheal Jackson, Heath Ledger and Cory Haim after him, the drugs Elvis took were made for terminal cancer patients and Elvis did not have cancer.\

This was in the days before Betty Ford and Celebrity rehab, after Hendrix, Joplin and Morrison OD’ed at 27, making everyone to take a look at their drinking. Before Freddie Mercury stopped taking his medications and died of AIDs; Before Kurt Cobain and his shotgun,  Before Amy Winehouse refused rehab and intentionally drank herself to death, earning a lot of grammies.

Vices vs Virtues, self harm vs social harm, role models and influence…

Elvis smoking driver quote-i-ll-never-feel-comfortable-taking-a-strong-drink-and-i-ll-never-feel-easy-smoking-a-cigarette-i-elvis-presley-148511


From my original blog:

Atheism is to religion as rehab is to addiction


Addiction and Personal Responsibility

Personal Responsibility and Accountability

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