Book Review: Ken Wantabe – Problem Solving 101

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From the Middle East to the Far East, the Pacific Rim and back again, eh?

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Ken Watanbe’s series of children’s books about hot to solve problems breaks down the basic science method and blends it with magical thinking.

The book are meant for children, but adults in corporate communication workshops are also being handed these.

The problem with the books is that each child has an unrealistic situation, but a common desire. For fame in some artistic arena.  10s of millions of these are in print, primary colours and cute drawings.

Each child decides on a single path, they are taught to break down their steps, but the focus is rarely on actually learning the skill and gaining some experience and insight as to their skill level against their peers.

Furthermore, at no point in the books do the children encounter obstacles and have to explore various plans or options, or have back up plans.

Missing Women

The idea of a life path of childhood through school graduation into the work place and life is a complete tv myth. There is no straight line, and there is also way to remain in only one job or career path sector.

in Canada and the USA, there was a study done in the 1970s and duplicated in the 1990s, of 1,000 school kids and it measured the career aspirations of the boys vs the girls in the decades and concluded that girls self esteem continued to lag behind the boys.

The executive summary was that in the 1970s, boys were picking the Doctor, Lawyer, White Collar Professionals, as were the 1990s  girls – however, in the 1970s girls, they were picking teacher, nurse, secretary.

Hundreds gather in Vancouver for annual vigil honouring missing and murdered Aboriginal women

Professions that now pay enough to attract heterosexual men, as well as the long standing gay men and heterosexual women.

Part of the prejudice of a school system where women teachers dominated at elementary school, while high schools were more teacher gender balanced, while the office staff was women with male school board admins.

Think of the Missing Children

What was different then, was that the boys in the 1990s, were not choosing professions that education was and remains the path to – Achievable Professions, they were picking celebrity in arts and sports.

A War on Women is on society

So, my question is really, when do we measure the impact of boys never being told no, that’s not possible for you to the girls being told, those professional ranks are closed to you, you should be a secretary, assistant, helper and organizer, Teacher, Social Worker, Administrator, and so on to Secretary Day morphing in Admin Assistant Day because of the word taint and resume stain of Secretary or clerical or menial mental vs physical, stains, sweat, burn in and rust out….

Demographic Women of Sexuality

You know, for the majority of people who actually do win a chunk of money on a lottery ticket, they are actually bankrupt within 2 years on average.

Too many people are counting on lottos to survive, never mind retire. In Canada, a lot is funded by gambling, mostly run by the Provincial Governments.

Women memes and social commentary images

There are 2 kinds of casinos in Canada – ones operated by the provinces to fund community grassroots charities and the commercial ventures that are funding the municipalities hoping to prey on tourist gamblers rather than local working poor. the people the local charities such as, in Vancouver, the Downtown Eastside Women’s Centre.

so if you want to really help women not go missing, please donate to them, so they don’t have to depend on their own clients….

School Shooting in Canada

Profile Disappeared Women

Downtown Eastside Women’s Centre: Welcome

Since 1978, the Downtown Eastside Women’s Centre has provided a safe space for women and children in the Downtown Eastside. We provide practical …


Donate to women and children of the Downtown Eastside …


If you would like to volunteer at the Downtown Eastside Women’s …

Contact Us

Drop-In Centre. Emergency Shelter. Hours of Operation …

Emergency Shelter

DEWC’s Emergency Drop-In Night Shelter at 412 East Cordova …

About Us

About Us. High levels of violence, homelessness, addictions and …

Drop-in Centre

Daily, the Centre offers a refuge for women and children in the …

Canadian War on Queers1Drunkards walk

Books and what they cover

this is nina

here a book there a cover


Note to Self: Save the Downtown Eastside Petition

Stephen Harper famously said that Canada was a third world nation. Years later, when he became Prime Minister, he promised we wouldn’t recognize Canada. The downtown eastside is the poorest neighbourhood in Canada

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