Avoidable Accidents and Causable Collisions

Courts of the land, courts of the sea

Courts of opinion and then reality


Today in Canada:

a 17 year old high school sports star intentionally jumps to his death, and Police/Rescue Authorities will now be monitoring at which point in the water and weather cycle they will be able to retrieve whatever remains will be recoverable.

Lynn Canyon – thrillseeker dies

how many people before there are warning signs for others to ignore?

if anyone wants to help – donate to

North Shore Rescue – Vancouver Search and …


or (my or your local or regional group if volunteer, if not
– why is this not part of civil first response or part of military civil duties?

Surrey Search and Rescue (Since 1973)


 Peter Mansbridge CBC News Oil Price Butterfly


also in the news:

Jean Lapierre, Quebec political commentator, dead at 59

Former MP and political commentator Jean Lapierre among 7 dead in plane crash

  Politician and most of his family killed in plane crash on way to family funeral.

Plane maintenance, weather conditions to be reviewed.


On the prairies:

Shooting on Ahtahkakoop Cree Nation in Saskatchewan leaves 1 man dead

Body of Chase Martens, missing Manitoba toddler, found in creek

1 dead, 1 injured in collision at K’atl’odeeche First Nation

900280_mega_engineering30964787_1300x1733extreme engineering

and in the Courts:

10 years in prison for man who ‘decimated an entire generation’ in Vaughan, Ont., crash

Marco Muzzo

Drunk Driving – a Millionaire Grandson gets off the family corporate jet and drinks and dangerously drives.

At least, he plead guilty and will not appeal his sentence. He might only serve 3 years and a few months, but that is federal time in Canada. In Canada, prisons are government operated and are not for profit as in America.

It will not bring back a grandfather or the grandchildren – a woman is without her family because someone chose to drive drunk.

At least, he is not adding salt or acid into wounds by attempting to avoid any punishment.

It will be interesting to see, when he thinks he’s paid this debt to society….

pre-meditated or just predictable outcomes.

This is a person who could have easily gotten into a chauffeur driving car and continued drinking or napped or did something to slow down. He might not have cared about risking his own life, lots of people think it’s okay to live and die fast.

not everyone pays the consequences or true cost of events that they had no to little part in

wrong place and wrong time…decisions, choices, and the difference between blame and responsibility too.

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