The Human Face and how to Read it

Raw Recovery Specialists: Decoding Facial Expressions



Facial Expressions


The Thing About Facial Expressions


Facial Recognition was not originally software


Understanding Body Language the Elvis Way!

Elvisbooks: I Don’t Wanna Be Tied


Theatrical Stage was acoustical sound, a stage whisper can reach the back row.

Rock n Roll and Elvis Presley was when the audience overwhelmed the performance.

Raw Recovery Movies: Broken Blossoms

as a child, Elvis won a ride pass as 5th place – He is wearing eye glasses. Something day dreaming squinting usually in the back row kids do and eye glasses was an attempt to ensure the children could actually see to the board and be able to read. One of the ways that children compare their senses and strengths and learn weakness in comparison to their peers.


Elvis stood on a stool and sang Old Shep as only a Child who’s lost a dog could; although the Presleys didn’t have pets.

In the 1970s, Elvis sent his pet chow to a three month vetrenary care and was built an oxygen mask and doggie defibrillator.  The idea of extending a pet’s life for quantity over quality is a very modern era idea.


Anyway, to understand how revolutionary Elvis was – he sang without blackface such as the child standing beside him. Elvis never sang to mock or even mimic, he mashed up the music he heard, growing up in the last house with white people on the block before the first house with black people and Elvis had friends to play with on both sides of his house.

Elvis sang blues like country and country like blues, infused with a gospel fervor for sex, the most sacred act in most religions. Whole entire temple complexes where build for that.


Al Joleson made his fame on black face on screen in movies, but in the internet era, the last person to wear it was Ted Danson, a white actor who was dating a black actress Whoopie Goldberg. Whatever they thought was funny or commentary about it, it backfired and their movie bombed in theatres then their romance ended. People need to not be bothered about who someone is with, otherwise, there is no happiness, there is little enough love in the world and 2 consenting adults shouldn’t be scandalous.


“If you keep making that face, it will freeze like that”

almost every mother everywhere

There is some truth to that cliche.

Smug isn't he?12083026-standard5893541f39c9187cd2e491f749bfb7b9_425068

Being able to make a range of facial expression speaks directly to one’s emotional state and social capability.

when we state in one dominant emotional state, that comes through in our faces, our body language and our tone of voice.

it sets the tone for every interaction and every response that we get



Science 2.0:

Scholars have identified a single, universal facial expression that is interpreted… Read >
Elvis in the Audience vs Elvis backstage after his first show. Elvis trying to take in a show and disrupting it….just trying to sit quietly and not noticed.
Elvis listening to Tom Jones perform, that beatific expression of sublime enjoyment, it was headline news the next day that Elvis lead the ovation for Jones.
Elvis Introduction974TJaudience72
Elvis Presley sanitized for your protection & the Elvis Effect
 graphics created by nina with photoshop in 2012 and 2013, as if that matters, it’s a filter applied to a scan of a photo…. enjoy & share, eh, derivative works, 10% copyright alteration, fair use for commentary, folk heros eventually become public domain.
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