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In the 1950s, there was a lot of Music and along came Elvis Presley and suddenly, there was none, Pop Music took over when Rock n Roll took over as enduring Pop Music from Classical to Pap. Pablum.. whiney teenaged make out in the back seat of the car Teen Angels and Rebels without applause.


Okay so I was born in 1968, the year Elvis’ smallest finger was too sexy to play on tv, because there was apparently a connection between bedtimes and TV programming and who was old enough to watch what and when.
tumblr_nkmvtn3iz81s0hd7do1_500Elvis tongue

I am 2 weeks older than Elvis’ own Daughter – Lisa Marie Presley/Husband 4, and I have been an Elvis fan since before he died and I visited Graceland in 1987. The week before the 10th anniversary frenzy.

I grew up in the era of Vinyl Records, the end of the 8-track and cassettes, reel to reels no longer a consumer item, cds to audio DVDs.

Elvis was everywhere, tv specials on anniversaries and bursts of magazines, until the 1980s slew of tabloid books claiming secret love children and everyone was shocked that Elvis had actually had sex, as if no one else does the Romaneque.

Sweaty Elviselvistatuetupelo2

The Hillbilly Cat to the Vegas Lounge Lizard. Even now, Vegas is wringing the last of their Elvis association and maybe people will remember his last show there, he said on stage “I hate Vegas” – it went from an Exclusive club for folks like him to play with their money, something Elvis didn’t do.

Frank Sinatra and the Rat Pack made Vegas Mafia Cool, Elvis Presley made it a Global Destination place and not for the gambling, but for the show.

Celine Dion and Circe de Soiel rules the Vegas of the Upper Middle Class, Wot Happens in as a weekend commuter level flight in air traffic….Canadians from Quebec…EuroCanada.



When I went to university, Simon Fraser University, was the first time I had learned and heard of John Cage, from the 1950s.


I have a family friend, he is a music professor and piano teacher, his grandfather had been the Court Composer to the Kaiser. His father their family’s rare survivor.

so I asked him to give me a quote for a class report at SFU, also known as “Super Feminist University”.

“John Cage is artificially kept alive in University enclaves.”


apparently quite literally.

As Slow as Possible – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

John Cage Organ Project in Halberstadt. Universes in …

my music pal was over visiting my parents and I always enjoyed bantering with adults.
I mentioned to Rudy that he’d gotten me in trouble with my professor and he didn’t really remember saying that, perhaps it was how I summarized it, it is difficult to capture vocal tone.
Anyway, that was the 1990s and I am hardly concerned about trivial things like homework, term papers or exams in 2016.
Anyway, Rudy pondered, what would make a person write a piece of music that takes 600 years to play, civilization might not even be standing to ever hear it finish and no one can hear all of it.
so it’s good someone began the playing it in different speeds so that it might be able to be played in a way that it might become informative rather than investigative, eh?
who tho? someone who had enough time and leisure on his hands and who knew that art is artifacts or performances, one way to test the limits of time and attention.
separate ego from art? that’s the insidest joke
John Cage. Cage was a gay man. he wasn’t concerned with family building or heredity. He tested the limits of sound and audience.
Elvis Presley was a very physical man, and he tested the limits of his demographic, and spent the last 2 years sleep walking through routine concerts.
He was rather correctly paranoid about Gold Diggers and paternity suits and one thing Col Parker would not allow was the Golden Goose to be seen as off market to girls girls girls.
So, in terms of success, there are more people coping Elvis Presley than anyone else on the planet.
it may well be that at some future date that aliens will stand and hear the last of the John Cage music and look around a world devoid of an apex species and see over 30 statues of Elvis Presley, who was also the first human broadcast into space…


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