Secular vs Sacred Worlds: As it is, not what you’d like it to be

said and heard

Comprehension, Cognition, Imagination and Intuition: the Human Layer of Complex socializing: Personal Planning (Psychopathy) to Group/Generational thinking:

Understanding the individual to the group/pack/pride/herd/swarm – alpha pairs and down the social ranks of who does and does not get to mate.

Abrahamic Pedophile ManualsReligion 101

Overcoming the Male on Male to win females in a world where females get to choose.

virgin mary cheese toast Rape confession

Birds and the Bees – Displays and Dances – the art of Seductive Provisioning – Power and Position boost attractiveness – or stand a person on their wallet and they get taller.

The Way to a better worldScience-Vs-Religion_o_107775



Books and what they cover

here a book there a cover


Note to self: Bookselfies, Phobias and More, eh!

Most Peaceful nationsReality Check Palin

Movies Posters and meme montages

water and airhumankind

Earth: Civilization Maps – Cartography

From Pan to Mono to nonTheism

Quotable Quotes I quote, eh

Geometric Math is Navigation, Stats are Sociology math to motion memes

chris columbus quote on naive natives 017-Why-did-you-tell-me

White and Black: A spectrum of politics – the Politicians

Frontier: Cowboys vs Indigenous

Women and Elections the women memes

queer memes

no bordershard vs soft science

Funny search terms

Funniest Search Terms 2

Funny search terms 3

Funny Seach Terms 4

Funny search terms 5

Funny Searches 6th Edition

yugen9 virtues

Anti-Bully campaign videos

CanadaWatch: Greetings and Other Unpleasantries

Letters from a Skeptic, revisited



hey, there is nothing wrong with being happy when people work out their karma eh?

Anita Bryant Pie Facef_52c07c5316kim-davis-married-four-times-meme



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