News Aversion Therapy – 2016 “easter”

Star_Wars_Easter_Candychriistianity nutshell

On a day best symbolized by a chocolate star wars product:

paganstuffGOP or Taliban

Taliban claims responsibility for Easter bombing that killed 65 people in park in Lahore, Pakistan 


Facebook apologizes for mistaken Safety Check messages after Pakistan

but then, this curious thing – how did Facebook – a platform for college kids to hook up over the computer – start to be collecting this type of data, for why and for whom?

Bible Earth ViewAbrahamic Pedophile Manuals

wait, people probably didn’t realize that all those tagging pictures was collecting field input biometric data for computer software to better understand human facial expressions, a skill that people themselves are or have lost, staring more at gadgets than other actual people.

Belgian raids net nine suspects for questioning in Brussels terrorist attacks 

Europe reacts and the middle east spins…

The Rape Religion10986915_10206502820233378_8058311594674874394_n

Syrian government, Russian airstrikes drive ISIL out of Palmyra, a key town with 2000-year-old ruins

Dear Canada – we make the most expensive and harmful oil, we cannot and should not be competing on the world resource market – we need to push for cultural and renewables and hang onto the last of the old growth left in the world.


Saudi Arabia Sets A $20-$40 Per Barrel Price Range For Crude Oil

It’s like people forget the 1970s Peak Oil Crisis – but Peak Water is where we should be talking.

Frankly, Afrika with solar could more than power the whole world, we need to start letting every nation lead in something to offset all the fake global deficits and create trade zones and end the culture clash that is killing us all – and we are so industrial now that we might even be too late. 


Ice patrol to honour Titanic victims in Halifax

CTV News  – ‎4 hours ago‎
HALIFAX — Members of an international ice patrol that formed as a result of the sinking of the Titanic will be in Halifax this week for a ceremony to commemorate the more than 1,500 people who died in the disaster.

religion dark ages2

Environmentalists say permits for Arctic energy exploration may have expired


BC tests undersea glider to prevent whale-ship collisions


knowledge, it’s not what you know, but showing that you can apply – learn and adapt.



You know, a woman in charge of America, other nations might be afraid to war against women lead nations….


a god for everything, or a god of many thing, especially faces and facets, deity, demi being, divine over being….


fallacy o fallacy how lovely are your conveniences, eh?


Easter Island cut off it’s own head

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