kids crafts to adult arts

When I was a kid in the 1970s, it was the Plastics Revolution.

The sly line from The Graduate, mood rings, lead paints and everything on the playground changed from wood and metal to molded plastic in primary colours.

Play Doh, brand or easily made at home in the kitchen or Plasticine a rubbery plastic product that was the fore runner of the polymer clay brands today –

in many ways, not much different than cake fondant and icing or frosting decorating –

pipping and extruding, sculpting or molding – or running it through the pasta machine for blends, blurs and gradients of any pallet of rainbow you’d like.

Primary Secondary Tertiary Rainbows in all opacities and hues. even stippled rocks or gleaming metallics.

From gluey formulations for temporary to air dried or oven baked, the arts of Kitchen Crafts, DIY communication culinary arts of the inter-disciplinary…the tools shape the work as much as the work shapes the tools, and techniques are transferable via variations on the medium…crafting or casting, it is about making an impression with hand power


Actual Professional uses of pottery making was all about kitchenware to start with – cooking and storing and eventually decorated, everyday ware to fancy ware… the fineness of the rim, key to understanding the value of the crockery.

The Last 2 Million YearsSex in History and Womens Work

Craftsmanship to the Artisan, the amateur to the hobbyist, to the factory to the finery of production.

At Home on he stroll and Good Time GirlsWarrior Marks Alice Walker

from pottery and vases, presentation and busts, adornments, decorations, beads and baubles, plastics, glass, stones, precious shinies, common or rare, refined or au natural shells, beaks, teeth and claws, trophies and status symbols.

The concubine's children denise chongNina and pessimist mug

Modifications to drill a hole to string them or sew them, polish and eliminate rough edges, smoothed, sanded, scraped and shaped, cut to a purpose with effort.

making a differenceshelters take 1

Water Water everywhere Who has a drop to drink?

Nina and OSHNina drinking water

WHMIS – Workplace Hazardous Material Information System


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