Where is Health Care Universal?

Canada has basic health care federally mandated and administered by the Provinces.

Everyone gets coverage.

Some Employers offer Employee Benefits that adds Eye Care, Dentistry and medication coverages, and some packages are fancier than others and includes such secondary treatment types and complimentary/alternatives to medicine woo, which wastes all kinds of health care dollars, not to mention treatment contra-indications, complications and often treatment and even diagnosis delays.

Parents medical plans often include children – which makes me Gen X wonder if employer plans should include elderly parents.

AL and AIDid no one watch RoboCop

Employer Plans generally assume their Employee is either single or is half of a 2 parent family unit.

Same Gender Marriage did not change marriage, it remained the 2 persons, exclusive of others, with or without children, but with in-laws and extended families.

However, the issue of Three or More Persons, often raised as an argument against same gender marriage, is less of a queer issue than  a heterosexual one, since in most cultures, the social norm has been 1 man with as many wives and/or concubines as his position’s wealth afforded him.

the females are not intermarried to each other, they are generally in competition with each other to offspring favorably.

Nina Tryggvason anthropology quote

Modern Day, and a decade after same gender marriage became legal in Canada, there has yet to be any legal challenge mounted – the Mormon break-away community in Bountiful BC continues to operate illegally – and both the USA and Canada governments ignore the obvious abuses of Equality and Child Protections, including violations of the Education Legislation, Labour Laws and even human trafficking, since BC, Texas and Colorado’s communities are desperately trading girls in a doomed attempt to stave off genetic collapse.

It is about the quality of offspring as much as the quantity, nature reacts to what we do, life is the ultimate social experiment.

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