RIP Gary Shandling


I was a devotee of It’s Garry Shandling’s Show.

In fact, any time I have a song stuck in my head, that theme song destructs it, without earworming itself.

I didn’t watch his later sitcom, although it might be fun to watch them back to back now.

I can’t remember who said it, “his face was a visual whine” but really, he broke through that Jewish to Goy funny white guy barrier in a way that was self deprecating and gave others space – almost Canadian.

Harold Ramis, I was stunned to learn was American, from SCTV, I thought he was a Canadian gone south to America, but he was an American who went true north, eh.

SCTV and SNL the Weekend Sketch shows for many decades, rising from that Borcht Belt Take my wife Please/ Yiddish Airplane Foodism from the 1950s and post 1960s Lenny Bruce observational agnostic shock and bawdy body humour. Gutteral Gutter Boys or Bullies Waving Dicks – Sam Kinnison, Andrew Dice Clay and Bobcat the Kinnison copy cat. Belushi died… the dark side of comedy – Robin Williams manic bipolar…

Noises by Nina the DJ Shut In Stand Up and Lezzie Bruce

at the time It’s a Gary Shandling Show was on, I spent a lot of time on the bus between home to work, and also home to community college, university and technical school. 4 years of post secondary; where I took classes and participated in school student activities like writing for the student papers, being a student DJ spinning discs and cracking jokes, and talking about culture to the smartest of my peer group – there were no cell phones, there were textbooks as laptops to do pen or ink homework.

Angles Dec 1992Nina's new meme series: Queens of ComedyWKRP_Les_and_Johnny

Which is why post secondary is a magical time when you are usually away from your parents but your small town and are a semi-adult – but most and best of all, it’s just you and people who want to learn – the A and the B Students – while all of the rest – moved into the labour force – and into the various sectors of the world – resource extraction, hospitality – why so many come out and blossom or plain come out, it’s the first time they are exposed to things outside of and away from home.

51N9GZjtx6L._SY300_ RobotChicken_S1man_stroke_woman

we learn what’s cool from our peers, and we share, fandom a well managed business.

What music we play, what tv we watch – that becomes the safe office talk at the water coolers. Why celebrity draws us together – Sports, Arts and Literary Leisure time, what I did on my summer vacation becomes what I did over the weekend or watched last night.

Nina with Monty Python triple feature Nina with the Mel Brooks collectionCJIV with media inset

Sub Culture Bona Fines: Pop Culture Quotes and References, off the cuff, from the hip or a curl of the lip, mix n match yer cultural references, how hip is your hipster now?

tumblr_lw8kmpz9dE1qbzuf3o7_500 twilight-e1298243587321oh-wait-youre-serious-let-me-laugh-even-harder

Fads n Fashions in and out of the times, of the times, in the time, past it’s time, prime time or late night drive – lingo jargon into outro commericals those story interruptus.

Act 1 Act 2 Act 3 –


there’s stand up comedy and comedians

then there’s comedy actors or actors who can comedy

location and context and juxtapostioning, location as arena


225px-Fandscover tumblr_m7lbytOLPI1r0ufaco1_500

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