Vancouver Police vs The City of Vancouver

In response to the Brussel’s attack, over the pond in Europe, the City of Vancouver Police are deploying across the city.

This week a street involved man was stabbed in what can only be described as a hate crime  against homeless people – there not having been any incident from which the stabbing escalated, in Vancouver, which they responded to with rather large rifles.

Something most Canadians are not used to seeing municipal or community level police do. Response Teams to Event Parades, yes, but bringing an automatic weapon to a knife fight seems an overkill response.

Unlike most other nations, Police and law enforcers are paid well enough to not be tempted to supplement their income by doing guard or enforcement work for organized crime – government corruption rampant in the “who’s in charge this month” – and apparently, for many countries the military morphs into police.

Long gone are the days of street patrols with a whistle and a bludgeoning truncheon.

Resist fearmongering and do not trade privacy for the illusion of security.


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Which is not to say or suggest that Canadian Police are above reproach, far from – the police here, as in all places have a different relationship with those from whom protection of the law puts them in the path of law enforcement, no lingering, no loitering and no whatever.


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