Of Pyramids and Schemes

Spooky Omens and Warnings The dictionary of mythology

The stories of Peoples, how they came to be that way, why traditions, how what and whyFolklore Standard DictionaryThe Definitive Work: Edith Hamilton

Anyone is as good as anyone else’s. The Personality Cult is by the original seller and religion is by the core followers, Multi Level Marketing. Ponzi and Pyramid schemes

FSM Gospel FSM God Speaks Nina and FSM

Myths, Legends and Stories: Allegories and lessons for life, Guidance and Morality

Mostly a lot of trivia that bogs you down and is outdated, not relevant and distorted

mythology coverMythology

Government and Religion, State and Sanction – Separated because not compatible with the concepts of Equality of Person and Equal Treatment under the law…

Nina gagged on stressRoyal Families of Europe I hear Banjos

Time for religions to pay taxes and compensate the social safety net for the drag they have created for society.


They are not a social benefit, religion prevents seeing others as people. they are optional in Secular Nations and should not be given preferential treatment in taxation matters, especially as they actually do lobby government.

Hot Money and the Politics of Debt - I've had this book since 1992 I was going to make a board game based on it it's all about Meyer Lanski, Ponzie Schemes and the magical power of Bearer Bonds. Canada a nation of change

so says the CEO of the world’s oldest bank…..Self Appointed Popes, since that text does not actually set out anything such as the vatican is, religions are, as the ones before them, what they can get away with – so should we be glad that they only molest and not murder children?

Pope capitolism quotePat Robertson

what does religion explain that sciences have not explained better?

Given what religions have wrought, there are none that can assert that they offer any benefits, parasitism as they are, money for nothing and altar boys for free.

hard vs soft sciencewater and air

there is the same zero evidence of an afterlife in all religions and there is no historic reality nor modern merit to any of them.

said and heardBible Earth View


Questions for Atheist from a High School Student

$cience vs Religion$

Questions For Atheists From A College Student

Inclusion should never be political

Dear Students Questioning Atheists

Religionwatch: The motivational Industry

For No $ Down, No $ Later

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