Canada’s Crack Mayor Rob Ford RIP

Rob Ford you were an embarrassment to Canada, and as you were in life, so you are in death.


Dear Rob Ford

I don’t know who is the worst Canadian: Rob Ford, Stephen Harper or Justin Beiber.


Dear Rob Ford

You go Grrl! You run for re-election in 2014 honestly, British Columbia’s politicians could use the distraction, eh?   B.C. and Alberta premiers reach oil pipeline agreement > “The 1,600-kilometre Northern Gateway project would transport 550,000 barrels per day of … Continue reading


Just Saying What Everyone’s Thinking

Angry populists such as Mr. Ford and Mr. Trump have an appeal that is impossible, and dangerous, to deny. By saying the unsayable, they appeal to voters who are sick of programmed, spin-doctored, blow-dried politicians who never seem to utter … Continue reading

The drug problem

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