The Issue of Acronyms: Wordage

Code to Alphabets to Bytestryggvason vs campbell

Phrases become shortened to Acronyms, while Projects are Named for Them

BullfrogsABBA complete box setAL and AI

a Professional Shorthand Verbal Jargon, Technical language or the language of technicalities. Radio Ga-Ga to Internet Blah-Blah, indeed, eh!

13 experiements in manipulationNina and WHMIS Quick GuideNina Tryggvason anthropology quote

Experience and Expertise, transferable skills and adaptability; how to contextualize and analyze and understand when you hear other people speak, whether they are saying things that have meaning, substance, weight and gravity, the compactness and density of thoughts expressed – what is said, what is meant as opposed to what is said and understood. Quality of Content, Empirical vs Qualitative, the talking points vs pointed talking…

Noises by Nina the DJNina's DJ Days Cassette ArchiveNina ERT kit

LNG – Liquid Natural Gas somehow blurs in my mind with Nuero-Linguist Programing Language, which is woo-babble speak for bumpster sticker psyche 101 – cannot separate the content from the manner of the message of the media.

Social Engineering Specialist TryggvasonAngles Dec 1992Nina and pessimist mug

the art of the obvious, embedded in Media Savvy Optics speak – that feel good inclusive sounding opposite of those who decry the loss of their former ownership of the public space by complaining about having to now include people: “Being Politically Correct” is tolerance, actual inclusion involves acceptance, something the bullies do not want.

Nina and Canadian War on QueersWarrior Marks

Which is harder and harder to do when only 6 companies own all the media. there are so few places left where people actually do say what they think and feel in their own words, not rented or sold to get eyes onto advertisements.

Xtra West social justice Canada Queer Military 1990s

“cut and paste” being what newspapers used to be in paper, non-repro blue gridlines.

nina-and-gewn-jacobs-marchNina gagged on stress\

Current Posts, eh!

wells war of the worldsbig book o citizen kaneThe Only Monogamous Book


Fables of AesopForbidden Love The Cinema Book

I bought this 1957 Elvis Presley concert tour booklet promoting his upcoming Love Me Tender movie for a mere $35 Canadian in the early 1990s.

from a hobbyist comic book store. shopping, the modern hunt and gather, yet another thing the internet has made boring.

Nina and EP tour book


Elvis Gak: The Love Me Tender Concert Tour Book

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