Tennis: Boobs are bigger than Balls


Men, already being paid obscene amounts of money to play sports as their occupation are upset that women earn the same prize purses. All puns intended.

“Men draw more contracts and audiences”

because men play real sports and women play at sports.

Title whatever the number that ensured the same school money for sports for both boys and girls past way back in the 1970s, but longer lifespans means until a generation dies off and grandchildren cease to emulate grandparents over parents in the generation cycles of recycling the fads that were teenaged cool as middle age adulthood breakdowns of not being the rock star we all wanted to be in the 1980s air band or the Jurassic Park Pixar Dreamworks Elvisification.

Whatever men do is a profession – chefs, yet they generally do not cook at the home kitchen. Whatever women do is a craft while Mens Art.

Always remember, when it’s a machine, it’s a man’s job until they realize that women can do it better and more accurately… pool to profession, professional pool – spheres of influence – mastering the art of the Water Cooler Chat.

Sports, Sitcom, “reality show” lottery and other Pick a Thing Pools.


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