Charity Burn-out Churning Pitches

You cannot walk down a street or into a store without running a gauntlet of give me money.

This counter upsale, that peddlar push, the panhandler plea and the won’t you support my charity?

Something is inside neatly stacked shiney designed boxes…. the logo comes into focus: Krispey Kreme -There’s donuts on that table over there.

Krispey Kreme is an American brand of donuts that are digustly sweet to tasting like graphite to me. They are almost entirely made of powered sugar – the closest you get to cocaine, speedy instant energy.

Canadians have a saltier pallette and tend to prefer actual flavour than merely pandering to max taste buds. Our donuts have a donut taste, sweet yeasty breads soft insides with crispy deep fat fried or oven baked to golden – yes some get fillings and icings and whipping creme – not petroleum edible oil product.

You know, if there’s one thing that proves evolution, it’s the micro flora and fauna that have evolved to eat the waste we produce – oil eating bacteria and others that can live on nylon. things that didn’t exist until we invented them – and something evolved to adapt it and break it down – biodegradable. a fancy word for that now things can rot, but which does little for the environment, when a puddle of a thing is better than little tiny molecule strands of it slinking through the environment and clogging up water and drowning fish when they gill filter it, but cutting the six pack rings is essential, or maybe we stop making them? seriously how many more deformed corsette turtles or drowned or strangled other animal memes do we need to do what we know that we shoulda done in the 1970s after the last global era oil dramatics?


Carbon offset credits are the Catholic Church Indulgences Scam.

There is only 1 Krispy Kreme location in the whole of the lower mainland.

When it opened to great fanfare, the first six weeks of business it was a 15 to 8 hour wait to get inside the building.

A stand alone in the corner of the parking lot in a Big Box Anchor Mall,

they had to reconfigure the parking lot. 

I once risked great personal danger walking into the RCMP HQ at Heather Street in Vancouver,

with 2 boxes that I brought in from Surrey/Delta,

passing them out at all the Commissioner’s desks

and then gifted them to my pals in another work unit.



Anyway, I took my Mom and Dad on an outing for a Mall walk, I did 2 laps around the Mall at a almost normal walking pace, driving was extremely frustrating, pedestrians with earbuds or face gadgets strolling out whenever they pleased because everyone is responsible for their safety in public except for them.

How about when you are moving, pay attention to your environment rather than your distractions, eh? I think I should duct tape my video camera to my dash board and compile a video of – I almost ran you over today. 


Outside of the Grocery Store, it’s changed names but not owners, rotating through being a middle class to blue collar level, there were 2 teenagers selling the donuts for a children’s art therapy for disabled kids.

I had to walk by an elderly man panhandling to get to the teenagers that I had walked by when I went in.

I gave them $20.00 and told them that the donation was because I wanted to encourage them as teens for being community volunteers. I did not take any donuts.

Then when I got home, I thought, hey, I usually get a tax receipt for that – but they were doing a corporate sponsored community fundraiser, so I wasn’t concerned about the charity being legit. Something one should always make sure of before you donate.

Also to ensure, it’s not for a cause you don’t actually support – many are dubious.


The Pope, Dali Lama and Aga Khan Walk into a Bar

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