Vegas from Mafia to Elvis

Las Vegas was a desert town that was built by the mafia and made cool by Frank Sinatra and the Rat Pack, and played to America’s wealthy gamblers.

Elvis played to the world, but he did in from Vegas, where the world came to see him.


Vegas reinvented itself as a Family Vacation destination after Elvis showed that the Entertainer-ment could be the draw over the gambling – at least people got a show to enjoy. Elvis was the first performer who emptied the casinos and his vegas shows were sold out – his return to performances were 59 shows over 3 weeks – a punishing schedule no performer of his caliber would do today. From 69 to 77, Elvis performed over a 1,000 concerts, most in Vegas.


Currently, Vegas is Elvis’ed out – there are few venues showing impersonations and tributes, the Circe de Soliel Elvis show closed years ahead of when it was scheduled and the Elvis display of his professional and personal objects has been locked by the hotel because the vendor hasn’t made rent.

Elvis Presley Blvd in Memphis is to be joined with an Elvis named street in Vegas.

In Memphis, a massive hotel project is being built for tours of Elvis’ home – overshadowing the Mansion he lived in.

Ottawa_Elvis1957bmatador Elvis

Vegas was where the first of many to come Elvis Statues was unrelieved, and his movie – Viva Las Vegas documents the Vegas of the Rat Pack Era, none of those buildings even exist anymore. Neither do the buildings that Elvis performed and lived in.


Vegas, like Elvis, has become distortion of itself, a victim of it’s own success in excess.



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1978 – Elvis cast in Bronze, the first of many statues to follow – around the world



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