Spartacus: CGI vs Actual Actors

To be honest, I am bored by special effects and not particularly impressed with the CGI “cinematography” which is now more animation of meta-morphed artistic traditions from earliest silent films and cartoons, high art movements, and technologies’ abilities that offer a different type of view from one another

Paintings – epic portraiture to sweeping vistas; photography

Paintings do anything but real – while Best Photography does real, almost realer than real, with what was revealed. Surreal and spectral, technical and professional, the boundaries of the mediums….

art informs life informs art across forms and mediums, ripples and reflections of the eternal themes….

spartacus_blood_and_sand_14030530244486 91Z4l+fmlQL._SL1500_

I watched Xena for the lesbian couple on tv in the 1990s, Then Buffy The Vampire offered Willow and Tara …. The L Word? Pass. Too Plastic. Too White. Too Whiney…


Spartacus gave Xena fans the view of Lucy Lawless from in their dreams and fan fiction: nude and even more. I spent a day between season 3 and 4 to think about if I wanted to watch it after her cliff dive. Serious Vertigo shot too.

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But I did because the political aspect was finally revealed and the oft uttered Senator Crassus revealed and Julius Caesar introduced….

spartacus-katrina-law image001-2 9040874._SX540_

the best pun in show – when the character “Hilarius” was killed –

Starz Contents

I found the show overall too X rated for sex and violence to watch it when other people were around and I am 48 years old and not a shrinking violet.

What is curious is that it is the ass raping of Julius Caesar that stands out, despite it being the least violent and bloody, with the least nudity levels, perhaps it was his submission, or the non reaction by the 2 minions, less the Private School System of Hazing aspect of the social norms of the Romans, but that it was a man who would be emperor and get unwanted blades that can hardly have been unexpected given the givens of their day…

It would be interesting to see a Julius Caesar that includes his epilepsy, and the superstitions of that illness during that and other earlier than now eras.

At least the Spartacus show was realistic in that bisexual behavior is the norm, with the public polite acknowledgment of streets vs sheets. bedding not togas.

I am unsurprised to see that “evening tv” which only meant anything in the tv broadcast age, and nothing in the 24/7 instant off/on access now; has had to include porn to compete with actual porn to lure viewers back to stories that have plots by sneaking them in around hot bodies and pretty faces doing bad things to each other.


Xena and Gabrielle: From Subtext to Well Duh


Xena’s Musical Episodes

02950352fe7158030157474407b17de4XenaThe Titans


Transgender, gender identity, atheism, personal sovereignty and self determination, and all in a King Fu Chick in Chain Mail n Leather.

Beauty Contests: Xena Edition


Hercules & Xena: Destroyers of Dieties

Hercules and Xena were using computer graphics and detailed the sound effects – something that Twin Peaks brought into Television from the early sound movies that developed sound effects for film and reducing tracks down into one, then stereo, Todd-AO and then Lucasfilm Standard THX and now, more real than real – well, as real as someone with finely tuned sound sense to craft and others to copy, refine and duplicate.

Meta is Multi Media, merged, mixed and mashed.

CGI TV: Spartacus – Spoilers eh

USA South Context to True Blood

Musketeers: Pistols beat Swords

CGI TV is pretty close to Virtual Reality Video Games

TV Shows…Where Tropes Began

Movies Posters and meme montages



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  1. thefeatheredsleep says:

    Special effects cannot compare I agree

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