Quantum Brains: A Dialog

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I am engaged in a cross blog discussion on the subject of Quantum Brains; A timely topic, given that we have achieved Quantum Computing.

I am a dyke atheist blogger and my co-blogger is a Biology Degreed Professional who identifies as Spiritual.

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Our Definitions of “spiritual Differ”; as they should, he being a practitioner of something and me being an utter outsider to that identity. Dictionaries, as we know, only capture the current useage of words and what they mean, it’s is why in this decade “literally” has come to mean “figuratively”, in the way that the work “like” was transformed by it’s misuse in early cigarette advertising.


Tastes like a cigarette should; should have been Tastes as a Cigarette should, it creates a false comparison by comparing like to like as if there a difference, which is not the same as apples to oranges, they are different fruits entirely and not just on the surface.

If all you can think to do is read a dictionary, go offline now…off blog anyway, the rest of the post is about you and will offend you. You have been warned.

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Brains: Our Bodies, Ourselves

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My meaning, nuances explained:

Cult – based around the primary personality: direct contact lifetime.

Religions – based on secondary, developing hierarchy and social sanction by government sanitation.

Spiritual – Religion Lite and about the practitioner journey,

All Ego based Obey and Reward Response to Justify your Greed/Comfort levels.

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Without those limitations of mind, one can think towards community building and expanding benefits, and entitlements and material benefits and reduced labours, less suffering and pain in the world.

Because any afterlife claims have zero proof. Not enough to take some one else’s life away, or to cause pain, fear or suffering. Yet, these are the very outcomes of religion.

This is the place where most other readers should also stop reading: Cognitive Dissonance Ahead.

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Religion’s Problem of Proof


ltlionheart says: 

‘Spiritual’ is pertaining to the spirit and I use this word to refer to my belief that I am a spiritual being as well as a physical being. For fifty years I have been involved in spiritual nourishment in various groups and alone. I do not consider myself a lazy person any more than I consider myself a religious person. I presume the saying ‘proof is in the pudding’ originated from the same biology as proofing bread. For those of us who make bread (or puddings), these are not word games. I have a Bachelor of Applied Science in Biology and two years research experience in cancer biology. Five years working in agricultural research taught me that I was not interested in reductionist understanding of biological science and the methods being used for research. Since then, I have focused on learning, practicing and teaching permaculture in community groups and on my own land.. I guess that makes me more like a Modern than a Scientist ‘-puttering around and doing experiments within the limitations of access’ (and resources, my own words).
So, this is me. You seem like a relatively intelligent human being. May I ask you, ‘How do you proof the truth (physical/spiritual) in your own life?’ Kind regards.

as for how do I proof truth, because it remains whether I wish it to or not, the word “spiritual” to me means a person who wants all the benefits conferred by religion without the responsibilities of membership in formal religion. Both of those are extreme barriers in people’s ability to communicate with me.

I am an agoraphobic coping with PTSD,partly with this on-line journal.

I would appreciate it if you shared your thoughts about the quantum brain and this new field of study – bio-physics.

If you would like do do that as a post on your blog and share the link here, I would greatly encourage and appreciate that.

Please and thank you.

It is something I had heard of in 2009, and my Dad was doing brain studies on rats in the early 1970s and he is disinclined about it, but I think it explains a lot. My Dad stills to the traditional neural with gooey grey matter. and I don;t have anyone to talk to about it really. so thank you.



ltlionheart says:

I hope this article on ‘The Quantum Brain’ was helpful. We are also involved in a recovery process. One of our daughters had a brain tumor removed last year so we have been reading extensively to learn how to help her recover from this trauma physically and emotionally.

One of the most helpful experts was Norman Doidge who is the author of ‘The Brain that Changes Itself’ and ‘The Brain’s Way of Healing’. The first of these books has some good information on post-trauma healing. Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) practitioners are popular in Australia and without a doubt GIGO is a big player in our mental/emotional health package. Our minds have to cope with quite an assault and learning to heal and nourish this part of myself (and others) is an ongoing journey! Kind Regards.

Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) was a failed psuedo nonsense outta California in the 1970s and has be re-crafted with tarted up therapy sounding language used primarily in the workshop/motivational industry and is the current Hollywood Script writing Fad. I did like it on the first pass through, when I re-blogged it and I am building on to my response.

I have recently filed paperwork towards a human rights complaint in Canada and need to complete the application paperwork for the on behalf of women class action against the RCMP in Canada by the 24th of this month, done in part as a therapy and thus into the bureaucracy I challenge the Windmills, my own donkey I suppose, LOL.

I have found 3 things helpful thus far: my ethical centre, my absurdist nature and the love of my parents. I very much recommend recreating or touching on as many childhood long term memories as you can – music and movies – but also family members and events, it will help her to remember fro, whom and where she first assembled her personality, as well as emotional generation and brain stimulation.


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