Dear White People:/Calling All White People:/Calling Out All White People

Co-opting a culture is when you presume to speak about, or to, a culture you were not born into.

Modern Englishes: Greeks are triggery and grammar is racist

When your speech, and the medium, or form of expression it is built into, is copyrighted – you are not Exposing a culture to the masses, you are dipping into a tradition that has yet to be told by the people who lived it and they are the only ones who have the business, personal and professional to express those values and those cultures.

News One Can Use: A Literacy Guide to Contextualization

Not have them smeared as a layer of your schooling the masses on your ethics and morality through the thin veneer of your art form, mastery of the format, the medium in which one embeds ones message.

Raw Recovery Movies: Pleasantville

It is culture theft to profit from what is not yours to share: JK Rowling – I call you out:

Muggles: first use – Carol Kendall – a beloved character in The Gammage Cup, the fumpy middle aged woman spinster who joined with the queerest folk in the villiage to save a valley of towns from an ancient enemy fallen into myth and legend… who are tunnelling into the valley… she tried very hard to be boring and ordinary.

queer film and tv Forbidden Love

Feirce Fey Folk

Fey Fairies and Folk Tales: People Power

The Importance of Folk Tales

Narnia and Dungeons and Dragons. Classic kid fantasy of my parent’s aren’t my real parents, extended to the hidden world of magic still existing in places, all the cute hobby knobbly fey folk of differing sizes… mischief makers, trickersters, riddlers and rhymers, fiddlers and dancers, tunnelers and weavers…fey folk of the forests.

Nina D&D DM Screen650a2126fea2fae0e8a8ed3328c1fbb4

I had a teacher in high school who sneered, one doesn’t use one in a sentence, unless one talks like the The Queen. Whom Apparently, in 2016, even She Does not speak her own, but her people’s language.

heathers mean-girls-film-poster breakfast-club-postermaudedvd1

Hey, she’s been on that Throne like forever – no wonder nobility seemed immortal to peasants, who often were born and died in their reigns, why civilizations revolved around the ruler – imperial being the literal measure of one king to understand his kingdom. That America continues to use it when the rest of the world is metric.

Does the Queen speak the Queen’s English?

6 ways to get an English accent that’s posher than the Queen’s

Mrs DanversHitchcock directingBoys Don't Cry

Anyway, I enjoy using archaic and Victorian language, it made my fiction writing sound older than I was, back when I wrote poetry and short stories. My three favorite words are all Victorian: Nethermouth, Guttersnipe and Ragamuffin.

stepford_wivesLive a little Love a LittleForbidden-love_1

Furthermore – the word “archaic” holds particular feminist words;

I dream of Jeaniebewitched 5

in the original Stepford Wives 1970s, it was a war of words, wives were replaced with robots who were programmed to speak only in pleasing and soothing tv commerical ways,and with a limited vocabulary list, default to giggles, gee hubby, you are so much smarter than me….master

Iconic Sitcoms: The Conformist Overtext

Norma_Rae9 to 5 movie posterWorking GirlWorking Girls

Gritty, Pretty, City, Urbane/Urban – sub-culture, subverted, perverted, victims and marginalized, displaced and dispensed with…. mothers, daughters, sisters, wives…

adventures-in-babysitting-remake-coming-to-disney-channel A551Fu5VB4TXL._SY445_

the movie a slow realization of the doomed wife, and never really any anxiety on the husband’s part that he was saying this as a fate to all daughters, bio units to grow to peak pretty and then replace?

Iconic Sitcoms: The Difference

Shut_up_and_sing_postervisiting_hoursSONY DSC 51WZ9PW8CFL._SY445_

wives lesser than sidekicks, replaceable if not compliant.

why were all the white male music stars unscathed by their anti-Bush The Lessor comments, while the Dixie Chick’s were broken, salvaged for a while by Canada fans, eh?

showgirl pastiesbechdel-ruleDid no one watch RoboCop

how is a man with a wife like that, supposed to deal in the workplace with women as equals or higher ups?

TV Genre Review: Chosen Family aka Gang of Pals

Celluloid ClosetNina with Elvis and GreaseThe Silver Screen Colour Me Lavender

The Problem with Grease – that Danny lettered in track and good boyed up to earn Sandy is lost in her trollop transform or the Slut Suit Up…

I remember in the magazines they published stories about how she was too embarrased to leave her trailer because the costume was too sexy. It was actually her own clothes.

Q-TV: The L Metrosexual Queer as Word Folks

276d1fbbe6293dec609e00aeb211a372  1ab6662827bcb2ad740a1cc181e0004c51UHBNzKMyL._SY300_

CensorshipWatch: Yet Another Angry White Man Projects his Rape Fantasy


OscarsSoWhite 2016

MPW-31588 metropolis-1927-poster-for-1984-everett -Footloose-(1984)class-of-1984-movie-poster-1983-1020191792

The Class of 1984: the TV Generation, the era of Quality Time Parenting and not Quantity time parenting.


BR: Invisible History of Human Race

movieposter 81o5mOdmCXL._SL1500_ 51-q0c7ZWmL._SX500_

“Considder Dis a Divorce” blam blam blam  .. big laughs in the theatre, hey, it’s just a joke in a movie right?

well, it might not be to someone who lost a family or friend to that real life scenario…

total recallaffiche-chud-1728dbf6fea94902663edc8502560f803

seriously, get over yourselves, they are us, us are them, we’re all from the same mix of niche clearing, swinging apes….


Earth: a right to life for the non-human forms?

Mayberry Family Values  pleasantville-dvd-cover-17Shirley_Valentine_FILM062

Memo: Silencing White Men

pleasantville7older women

Human Rights: When do we want them?

Mambo_italiano large_g1zrDK6Zv2AXUKOU0CSJAqsg5l2 crying game

ElvisWorld: Graceland Human Rights Ground Zero?

large_4eOdZbi8Sp6dE1PxQ8LPA1e4m9uwomen figures

HomoWorld: France’s Painted Caves

Earths Children series

Earth’s Children… because we all are, eh?

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10 Responses to Dear White People:/Calling All White People:/Calling Out All White People

  1. thefeatheredsleep says:

    So I can’t claim close connections with Cleopatra? Darn it. 😉


    • dykewriter says:

      neither could Liz Taylor LOL I wouldn’t worry about it, she was not the great ruler she thought she was, and she backed the wrong side. Egypt became a Roman Province and Alexandria was lost, but the Greek knowledge returned to Europe with the first wave of Arabic muslims who brought back numbers, the next step in the maths! and the spreading of literacy, the enlightment sparking the renaissance!;

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