Dear Republicans: Isolationist & Doomsday Thinking = NOT OK

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America was founded on the idea of the individual being the social unit of consequence, with rights and responsibilities, which included ensuring the rights of others to dignity of person. Rights are not claimed, rights are extended.

Edie WindsorCanada Senate

It’s all fun until someone Hitlers: Genocide is not acceptable.

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Flamewar: Trump vs The Pope

Liberal Mindfulnesssilencequeericide

Systemic discrimination and social practices: Society Lags a generation behind it’s laws.

Government truth to power 101


Rubio, the Positive Youth and Hispanic, Latin, South American? Spain and Portugal and Cuba – he’s from Florida – inspired by Micheal J Fox on Family Ties….

Would limit the rights of atheists and denounces science…. a would be policy maker who does not, will not and cannot understanding the how and why of public policy.

Marco Rubio is out of the Race – leaving Trump leading Cruz and Kasich trailing but well positioned, depending on which way Rubio’s delegates go.

Trump, The Wall Street Bankruptster, Cruz, the Albertan Cuban in Texas Testify Evangelical Darling! and Middle America, Middle of the Road, Middling of the Pack: Kasich. Governor of Ohio.

Atheism News: Rubio v Rights

workerssupreme court

Republican Trio: Cruz, Rubio and Trump



Party Politics: From Nomination to Nod

this is the same as any woman who's had sex is deemed to not have been raped. the victims are not on trial. yet that is what happens all the matters

Are the small hands orange?

Pope capitolism quote

Pope, Christianity CEO of the world’s oldest and biggest economy, which is unaccountable to any government or oversight, more than money, has groomed families for generations for pedophilia predation: Money for Nothing and Your Altar Boys for free: truth an absolute defence.

Priests, Teachers and Community Coaches, they bring up the average of the pedophiles into the middle hundreds of children over their careers, while incest in family is fewer victims more times…

808 a7f6cf262c6881120a5e9432d1ed2534a3cad61ce730464a1223ff169b9f3fa4ben-carson3

What is done to children by adults is entirely worse than what adults do to each other, consent or not. “Think of the children” is to caution to consider them, not an invitation to them.

Republicans from Word Salad to Fruit Salad

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Trump: Person or Corporation


Adults and Grown Ups: Elections and Voters

Jim Rubens shooting women quotecognitive dissonance271fa677ee096db59c4ae4dd327ebefda0b2087309f4d5db8e9695be2be4c8f0

Until men prove they are humanists and become feminist, then feminists will have to wait to join the movement until deemed valued members.

add a penisbecause capitolismreligion vs science

Why do high school students in 2016 continue to think if He buys dinner, She owes Sex?


Kasich’s Kitchen Campaign

Republic Rape 3 Republic Rape 2 Republic Rape 1

a party with a leader or a leader with a party?


An Evergreen Guide for Undecided Voters in Western Secular Political Systems

As a child, I didn’t understand how the grown up who got to vote, wouldn’t already know how they were voting – when they seemed to know everything else. It was unsettling that all knowing grown-ups wouldn’t know something as vitally important to our society – given that our society is defined by the population’s right to vote.

To me, it was always a clear choice, either you vote or you do not. How could you not know?

As young adult, I continued to not understand how other adults didn’t know how they were going to vote – after all, it was simple, you voted for the person standing in for the party that most matched your values and beliefs – basically, the party that best pandered to you; I see in retrospect.

It is true that things are only simple when you look at them with a simple framework so everything really is as complicated as we care to make them.

Now I understand that parties are not monolithic – at least, no party that is worth voting for and is trustworthy is monolithic. This is why this voter guide is evergreen.

If the political party is an ensemble – that is to say, there is a leader who assigns the parties members into positions where they are best able to perform and offer expert advice – then this is the party for voters who want to ensure the most options and most information is considered before decisions are made.

If the political party is a leader with minions – that is to say, a party where the leader is the only person the leader respects and listens to – then this is the party for…..well, voters who agree with whatever that one leader person says. Because in this party, they are monolithic and decisions are already made and it’s a matter of forcing the policy to comply with the decision.


The other important hallmark of this kind of party is that there is an empty field for possible next leaders; because a party that cannot function to generate platforms regardless of who is in charge, is not a party that is sustainable when the leader is no longer leader.

Worse, a leader who actively cripples the party’s supply of future leaders, is clearly no capable of actually leading and providing a direction, they are merely getting while the getting is good. This is never good for taxpayers; just the leader and their favoured cronies.

A political party is largely a framework and you can identify which parties are about solving problems by which party has the open framework where many voices are heard and considered, versus a party where the framework is about imposing solutions, as these tend to be the parties with the one leader with yes-minions and the solutions being sought is how to impose their solution on the public sector.


If Anyone’s agenda was in fact reasonable and most would support it, one primarily one demographic over another..then the laying out of that agenda clearly and the opposition parties would have little recourse but to endorse it, to vote with actual confidence for it; rather than having to vote non-confidence in good conscience and with confidence.

Harper vs ObamaWell the Afterlife

For the first time in US / Canada history, the US Democratic President (not the party; just the president) was to the left of our former conservative Prime Minister, Obama now being right of our Liberal PM Trudeau.

The Gen X Justin Trudeau – the politican that rock stars wish they were globally as popular as..

YouTube pulls Harper Imagine clip – Politics – CBC News

This is something that should be of great concern to all Canadians, since, with very few exceptions, what constitutes “right Wing” in Canada is far left of what is “left wing” in the USA.

We need to only look at the longest undefended border in world history and see that we now need papers to cross the line to our formerly amiable neighbour and troubled sibling nation.

If we think of Canada and the US as sibling nations – the USA a child of the British Empire and Canada, the child of the British Empire and France – second child with a  different father – our entwined history snaps into sharp focus.

The USA wanted to stand on their own as a nation, revolutionarily ran away and declared themselves a nation, violently separating from the motherland.

Canada stuck with the parents and tried to resolve the matter of which side of the family did we best take after and settled into an uneasy and unbalanced relationship between our Anglo and Franco halves; leaving the separation as a nation to later diplomatic means and we retained symbolic connections.

Aside: How America and Canada dealt with their respective aboriginal populations is another matter, but a reflection of the seedy underbelly of the same character of overt and covert violence.

The matter for Canadians has become critical with the Canadian Conservatives appearing to be the Northern branch of the Republicans, or is Ted Cruz the Canadianizing of the Republicans? No, he has no demonstrating behaviours or words that include Canadian Values.

Science vs religionRwanda Women Post Genocide

Well, let’s look at the actions the Conservative Party took upon gaining office.

  1.  They cancelled the Liberal plan that provided a subsidy to all families and replaced it with a plan that only benefitted some families.
  2. Rona Ambrose removed “equality” from the mandate of the Status of Women – which, in the Canadian Charter of rights, gender equality trumps all other rights – and then he gutted the department’s budget and further reduced the mandate; leaving very few offices with no money to fulfill the revised mandate.
  3. They also canceled the Charter Challenge program. This was the program that allowed a variety of groups who have historically been disadvantaged to seek redress at the Supreme Court level on high level legislative matters – matters of equal rights and access to said rights.

Do we stand together as Canadians – a mosaic multicultural society which is civil despite our differences because we value individuals enough to provide as level as possible a playing field for everyone to participate to their interest and capacity?

Protective Legislation Be Gonestatus of women abortion meme 1CMvgdcaVEAESMj6

Or do we stand apart as Americans Lite – a melting pot of diverse people with no social safety net, no level playing field, and everyone for themselves and very few being concerned with actual equality and most being I got mine so the line ends here?

In so much as a tv beer commercial can summarize a political position – I Am Canadian.

Honouring the Ancestors


Off blog:

Public Service and Taxpayers

colonialafricaZAfrica womenus-canada-border

What’s a pension worth?


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