USA South Context to True Blood

The “Who Shot Jr” Cliffhanger made page 1 of the Major Daily Provincial/National newspaper based in the major city of the Greater Vancouver Regional District where I live.

I was a 12 year old Newspaper Kid, doing home delivery and I remember looking at in the the bottomest right hand corner in a box, almost as if embarrassed, but impossible to leave off.

Dallas became the TV show that was most Iconic of America in the Greedy 1980s, The Wall Street Warp Bubble Bust that invoked the infamous suicides of the 1930s that resulted in insurance companies creating clauses – conditionals as it were. provisions.

Dallas was about a Dynastic Family of three generations of The Down to Earth Man who Found the Money, the Educated Sons who learned how to operate a Business, and the idiot grandchildren, spoilt of privileged – it’s a nice myth – and there is the spin off show of the failed to meet expectations middle son the first spare, flung off into the Middle Class, on a cul de sac where a mechanic lives who invents an electric engine taking a 10% efficient engine into a better than 80% and the exhaust being water, not fumes and plumes of exhausted petroleum’s petro carbons….

Canada meanwhile is most known for a 30 min situation comedy:

The Beachcombers: starring : the Beautiful British Columbia Coastline.

Dallas_INT113007 knotslanding21beachcombersbooklet-front-005

Canada, north of America is orientated in an West vs Middle Vs Ontario V Quebec V Maritimes and then the territories up top; while down south of us

America is The Pacific and Atlantic coasts, where there is the most mixing of differing cultures, vs the white landlocked blob in the middle, with an idea of a mid north vs south divider line; have and have not states, red vs blue, bleeding their population white.

Little House on the Prairie, but also towns and steeples of various shapes, story tellers are an oral tradition, writers write down, people famous for writing their own stories, thinly disguised are literary story tellers, able to write down and unfold the meaning, memoirs are different from fiction and invention. Memories, Morality Tales, Folk Stories, how we identify and teach cultures, and learn to say, this is me and these are who my people are.

It is painful how people causally treat the gift of literacy, the medium is the message, by what physicality the contents are on, the grade of the paper, the quality of the print, something you read as reflective light, to ponder upon or projected light to be gazed upon.

Prairie BitchLittleMosque_1400x10501seducation of the innocent comics

TV Review: Little Mosque on the Prairie

Now, just to back up a little bit, Vampires are not an American invention, the mythos arises in deeper history, back through Europe and into the history of Vlad Tepes, better known as Vlad the Impaler, son of Dracul or properly said Dracula – like naming your child after you to call them junior than than allow them their own identity.

The myths about vampires range from region and times from being little more than zombies out for a light meal vs ghouls/zombies out for brains. Also the werewolf. Witches..

250px-Malleusbook of werewolves5691d47e9691f86bd2efe54b0378e77a

There was a lot of lead, and opium and fungus on the rye that contributed to the various scares and trials of people who were convinced that they were such things.

It was the era before the understanding of germ theory, but also when people explained the world via spirits ranging from animals to hybrid animals and humans, and when previous civilizations that they were aware of, had done so in cruder forms.

Mental Health is partly a ratio of being able to function in the context of one’s society. Book review - I read this book many years ago and it explained a lot about social sexual anxiety, sleep disorders and how social panics about the supernatural end up creating myths like succubus and old hags to explain very simple biological things like wet dreams and sleep paralysis which also lead and connect to alien abduction delusionsthe world of the writer vs the worlds they create for us  people say write what you know, but that's a terrible limit to imagination  your thoughts on how often writers where sickly children and set apart in intellectual pursuits instead of more social things like sports?Varney vs Dracula -   The Penny Dreadful bypassed by the novel - but the Penny Dreadfuls set the tone for later American pulp fiction  thoughts on the technical publishing side over the ages to online delivery and freeing writer from publishers entirely?

Bram Stoker bringing Dracula the novel to romantically delight Victorian era readers, hungry for something more thrilling than the Varney the Vampire Predator Penny Dreadfuls.

Early German filmmakers creating Nosferatu, a more hideous than old Nobility and skirting copyright laws and the Panopoly of Iconic Horror Creatures – Mummies, Vampires and Zombies Oh My! Were Wolfs and Shape Shifters Oh No! Ghosts, Wraiths and Liches, like OMG! Mad Scientists and the Monsters that they make.


1980s _ Frank Langella plays Dracula and returns predator into seducer, Ann Rice’s Interview with a Vampire is in the dollar grocery store bins and offers housewives a gay romance novel, while men have been watching slock horror glore with lesbian vampires since the 1960s.

Queen Betsyvampires-dont-sparkleKim Harrison

With the Anita Blake Vampire Blake Book series, there’s been a huge spawn of romantic romcom, chick lit, cliterary lit, clit lit, tawdy pulp to give erotica and porn a pubic cover able to be read on public transit and discussed at the office.  Kim Harrison, Mary Janice Davidson and Charlaine Harris among the best, reviving the chapbook and anthology short stories as anchors to develop new writers with shorts to turn into full series.

Stephanie Meyers and Twilight being the worst, mind you, they are writing for teenagers and anti-sex conservative values embedded in sexy vampire mythology is boring, but pulp is as pulp does. Wastes trees. Also wastes rare earths on gadget obsolescence. who are the vampires, really eh?


The Southern Vampire series became a TV series – True Blood and it was a show that I was watching when it was being broadcast, but became unable to watch programs where everyone was just crappulent to everyone else, petty pissants. And I know that is not spelled right, it is an English word to mean a very small person based on the france french word for urine, or the act of urinating, not sure which nuance….

Set in the Frenchest Part of the south, the tv show is post Katrina, which the book series was not and that event was incorporated into the novel of that release year.

Cajun, French Quarter, New Orleans, the setting of Interview with a Vampire, the American home of voodoo and voodun, not the direct Africa one, but the one blended with Catholic in the Caribbean, the saints go marching up and matching with mixed blurred and blended traditions. Zombies – we know the secret is not magic, but drugs and oxygen deprivation – combined with cultural priming and ability to survive extreme trauma.

Flowers in the Attic Movie     The-Presley-Family-Cookbook-Cover-460x640Flowers-in-the-Attic-2014-Movie-Poster

The Gran in the TV show, played the Grandmother in the Original Flowers in the Attic, the torrid horrid romance of a multi-generational incestual family/

It bothers me that Bubba, the vampire Elvis, who only eats cats, sometimes sings but also often saves Sookie when she can’t save herself, was missing from the show and removing the very deepest of American culture, a person whom we can’t let go.

unemployment_-_sucks_when_your_job_gets_blowd_upStar Wars vs Star Trekcylon_replaced1

Anyway, I am still working on a Spartacus review, CGI series in the theme, and I wanted to stake a step back – and will also compare and contrast Clash of the Titian the 1980s and the modern CGI versions – serious or camp – where is that line drawn

television-history-timeline772066351852676897 Why-People-Believe-Weird-Things

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