Harry Potter and the Ivory Tower of Offence-Takers

Colonialism, Copyright and the Art of the Co-Opt…

The concept of copyright is a colonial one, arising from the ability to mass produce and sell, it benefits the Distributor, not the creator of the work.

Pagan Cultures do not have a culture of ownership, they have collectivism and the stories, and the symbols and the stylization of expression is each group’s identity from each and one another.

The symbols belong to the group to use, so even individual arrangements of elements cannot be deemed owned by the artist, they draw from shared traditions.

What it is time for is White People to not use their position of privileged and entitlement to re-tell the stories, but to use their position and expression of interest by their fans to explore authentic stories by the people they are about.

Much like Elvis Presley brought his musical interests to white audiences, some only going so far as him and the ones who copied him – others went through the charts and caused them to no longer be separate…

JK Rowling is certainly part of the merging of religions and mythos, skinwalkers in the new world are not euro-slavic werewolves.. Vikings wore bearskins and drank LSD and thought they transformed too…. variations on a theme, each to their own ghetto, separate and equal works little better than equal but different, Canada’s mulitculuralism at least only riots at UN conferences, Hockey Games and Cable TV negative Option Billing. Shouldn’t everyone get to live in a society where that is the social unrest problems? You don’t have to worry about being shot for going about your legal and private business.

Why Evolution Is True

by Grania Spingies

Full  disclosure: I’m not a huge Harry Potter fan. I have read them all and enjoyed some more than others, but I think that J.K. Rowling’s adult novels are far superior. That said, there can be no doubt that her books for children have gripped (at a conservative estimate) the hearts and minds of at least a generation of kids, and probably even more.

Neither the books themselves nor their writer are strangers to controversy and abuse, either. Rowling has managed to offend the very religious to the point of getting her Potter books banned by groups ranging from several flavors of Christianity to two of Islam – a fairly impressive feat. She even managed to annoy Wiccans for portraying their craft incorrectly (do please at least try to keep a straight face). Evidently, writing fantasy fiction for children is a metaphorical walk in a minefield, because while children may…

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