The Elevator – Saga 6: Professionals on Scene

Raw Recovery Late Start today – sorry dear readers.

My Mom and I went to St. Paul’s Hospital, where I am happy to report that there was a team of techs from Richmond Elevator was on-scene and boy what a mess that control cupboard was. Glad I didn’t have to cope with all those twisty neon wires… Talk about a 70s flashback.

Unfortunately, we were not able to visit long in the hospital, because we had street parked to not have to be limited to the one going to the parking lot from that level.

And 3 PM is the start of commuters and it is miserable to try to street park in Vancouver where ever block has it’s own parking rules – part of the plot to turn downtown into a European style city with pedestrians, and peddle power or commercial only traffic.

Blood Bowl and Settlers of the Stone AgeElvis monopoly

Today in the Real Estate section of the Vancouver Sun is a $5 million dollar property in Langley, a farming community and a couple of big malls and Suburbanized Big Box Stores.

Someday, Vancouver will stretch out to the valley and we are putting concrete and gas stations, with their huge toxic blooms, on the best fucking farmland in all of Canada. Helicopter to work. No need to commute with the peasants.

settlers of catansims-3-expansion-pack

The Californication of Canada has happened…gentrification is pretending to the manor born. The gaucheness of New Money… Untitled Money…. Titles lacking money was how merchants married into nobility…


So, I have not an elevator story from today to share, my Vancouver venture was totally successful in it’s utter mundanity. Even the mid-day accidents were cleared in time for the rush hour…

We stopped at the Esso to fuel up and a man approached me.

He smiled friendly and was clean and kinda shiney – he was chosen bald and young with an eager look to him and a cleaning cloth in one hand and an arosole product can in the other.

The bald shiney head did concern me, and then I realized his skin tone was deeper than Caucasian and so he was unlikely to be a Neo-Nazi.

Yes in 2016 and in Canada and outside of Alberta.

I was about to blurt out – I am socially dissordered and do not appreciate being approached by strangers, well.. I think I managed a meek squeak sound.

He held his hands open palmed, a sorta universal gesture of harmlessness, and he explained he was demoing window cleaning products and waved to where there was as a sign and table – so all legit.

nothing pan handler or mugger or any ill intent about him

I smiled and said No, I am not listening to a sales pitch.

He assured, it’s not that, no pressure, just offering product knowledge.

I got in my car and left because I don’t have time or the interest to continue to have to say no, that a sales pitch is a product knowledge offer and saying no pressure is the clue to high pressure tactics and it is this weasel nuance of degree; the same fine line between a tease and an insult, joking and abuse.


here is a clue: do not live near stinky industries like agriculture, or ports or harbours and benefit from the property rate and then turn a working farm into a hobby farm in name only. livestock are not exotic pets.

and, as for those who seek to expand and increase ports and pollution – market value before you ruin the environment….

as Napoleon Said, the only use of religion is keeping the poor from slaughtering the rich and redistributing their stuff.

Curious how people who feel bred to lead, rare seem to learn this lesson…


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