CGI TV is pretty close to Virtual Reality Video Games

spartacus_blood_and_sand_14030530244486 91Z4l+fmlQL._SL1500_

Spartacus is a 4 season telling of a slave rebellion during Classical Rome.

Humans inserted into a digital world and CGI effects replacing a lot of the make up of gore movies of yore.

There is certainly been a visual improvement to the old Karo Syrup with red food colouring fake blood.

It was not really surprising how quickly the violence and sex orgies was just events walked through, background and a blur. just ubiquitous

MetropolisNina and The Last Starfighter

Special Effects have been around as long as there were cameras, most done in camera. some in the darkroom or editing rooms.

Then there was force perspective sets and camera angles, the camera no longer a static observer, capturing reflected light, negative to positive for projection on screen.

Black and White and the art of turning colours into Greyscale: Cinematography contrasted light and scope – screen ratio 8 super 8 16 35 to omnimax to digital laser scanning, spectral analysis of how near and far, a distance a size and triangulation.


Tron was the first movie to be set inside a computer, yet, it was in the last sequence of traditional animation and nothing was done by computer.

Xanadu with Olivia Newton-John solo star vehicle that flopped at the theatre boxoffice, but found a cult fandom in the satellite tv and early Home Video market, used computer animation and The Last Starfighter was the first all computer animated movie, for the space and space ship portions.


SFX: Stop Motion to CGI

Clash_Of_The_Titans_1981 Clash of Titans 2010x 51MtJBws9ZL._SY300_

Musketeers: Pistols beat Swords


The Last Starfighter 25th anniversary edition

From Computers to Compassion: No Bulls Harmed


Nina Tryggvason Stienbeck editing 16 mmNina Tryggvason Stienbeck editing 16 mm 2

Steenbeck Nina circa 1991 – Vancouver Film School


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