The Ethics of Food and Violence

The first machines which allow users to grow meat from starter cells, no animals needed.

It makes little sense that these machines are priced so expensive that no one less than wealth can afford it and the price for a single family is really more of an industrial cost, without the output. One has to wonder, why the first machines are the at home consumer rather than schools and prisons?

Mr Coffee and Mr Meat do not rest on the same cost of counter top.

As for those who would food fad say, one must kill your own to be as an authentic person, well civilization is the veneer that veils between the visceral and the viscera.

Work specialization for the brutes – the dull, dirty and dangerous…slave collar, blue collar, pink collar, white collar….neck rings, neck ties, social ranks really are …

Laboratory-grown beef: meat without the murder, but would …

Forget the vegetable patch! This kit lets you grow your own …


What clothes did you wear?

Why were you alone?

Why would a woman travel alone?

You got into a dangerous neighborhood, what did you expect?


meanwhile, women continue to be blamed for their murders and rapes

as if they choose it, rather than their attackers

they were 2, they were not alone

women are not prey animals

Men from Secular nations need to stop telling Secular women to be glad that they have it so good and to not judge other cultures.

Women most fear being murdered by men, then rape.

Men most fear being laughed at by a woman

Civilization is a thin veneer

2 women were blamed for their own deaths.


apparently, you can take the man out of the cave, but not the cave from the man, eh?

Meat eating accelerated face evolution

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