I forgot where I was going with this, but …

From Propaganda to Advertisement, For Entertainment or Educational Purposes, The Documentary vs documentation, based on a truish story, metaphor, allegory, allusion.

a cartoon, a short, a newsreel and an feature…. a night out of family viewing, G, PG, R and X, as day turns to night, matinee vs the midnight showings.

Pyschriatricology: Propagandatizement EduTainAversiorial

nin850x315 mary_pickford_book_cover_a_p tumblr_n3qtsjIsyG1rdfgw4o1_r2_500 child-skull-teeth human-skull1

NewOrleans_1Sheet   JS13209631 FLower_Drum_Song_1961_poster

The Beatles follow the Elvis Band with all cute young boys and the Boy Band is truly born.

The Fab Four conquered America and then, become popular than Jesus, get crass enough to notice the otherwise racist

White Man Burden British Edition- Lennon was upper class and slumming with 3 lowerclassman – the Stones were all upperclass and slumming and Queen, they all got masters degrees in real professions and only Freddie Mercury’s art degree lacked honours, eh.

Then The Beatles when to India, where Hindu and Buddhism was born, with images from stone age sites, a modern reflection of deeply ancient religions, Hindu a celestial eternal public service, demi gods and goddesses, to full deities to an all encompassing over god.


9521591 Peak White Entitlement?

dw_griffith_battle_of_sexes_movie_poster_2a dwgriffithstamp9ebb25b6daa3d45c0b4f7becf2fe7df6

Pagan traditions of natural elemental non-personified forces and animal spiritism, driven by herbal and fungal chemistry and ritualistic theatre.

Buddhism having  monk tradition with the best poetic BS artist winning Top Monk.

I mean, once you have the handbook, you hardly need the master’s teaching, go find your own flock who lack access to the book and will pay to listen to you read or explain or interpret it. Personality Cults are within the voice of the speaker, religion is when they disciple out.

Spirituality is all of the piety with none of the responsibility or OCD observance and most off, not being bothered by that there are other people living in differing manners. To each their own path. Their life, their existence to make the best of it that one can without other offering hindrances because of differences.

5th_dimensional_travel_by_rkane31174-d2xyjva interdimensional-travel

Geometry, dimensions, volume and density is a gravity matter of medium…



51PYIlQCRTL._SX333_BO1,204,203,200_ women-in-space Cultural_Revolution_poster Chinese-Social-Hierarchy Caste-System-3 Hindu-Caste-System-and-Islam-2 Multiple-Generations-at-Work-2 gen multigenerational1 mvIdkGIESsXWpAwhtSkiQ8A 41cYSKgAh+L._AC_UL320_SR210,320_ tumblr_nqd5eqUrZc1uqf15co1_1280 hopeless e12201ap_WorldLeaders_MillSummit_UNp 75034_10151221236311275_1117674729_n immg 66372491 a91bde503673d6f4afe7428b36a4bd09 11889581_10206002796643075_5986521318398742504_n wpid-https3a2f2f40-media_-tumblr-com2fccece6760d1c3514b5fc553c889f2ef82ftumblr_nrz8okqfit1tjzng1o1_1280 simplemath 654a4b15ea59c6bea47e27b358ed4173 dzbd10ha_profile_f1 Betavhs2 772066351852676897 television-history-timeline 51-Untruths-From-Television

the tv snow static, the last device that we listened to the very background radiation of the last energy of the big bang…


qgen5sq3 Canadian-Bacon_2 dangers-of-the-canadian-mounted-movie-poster-1948-1020673750 canadian-bacon-movie-poster-1995-1020196496

canadian-mounties-vs-atomic-invaders-movie-poster-1953-1020550364 FamilyTies_S6_e 201501_2326_adidg_sm

Texas, USA is the Alberta of Canada. Ted Cruz was born in Alberta Canada and went down south and got dual citizenship because of American mother (Cuban Father, not a issue in Canada, eh <snide use of the eh, to indicate a wink for those who get the double entendre); below we see him celebrating his shutting down of the American government beside American former governor of Alaska, Sarah Palin as they protest at a war memorial that it’s been shut down by the government – because monuments to the dead matter more than the transfer payments and business of government that very much impacts some people very ability to have food – but hey, monument to the holy war dead who fought for the freedom of Americans to starve, and cry into their beer and cradle their guns while they watch other nations develop middle classes.

Damn darn unions! seriously?

how do they not hear what comes out of their mouths or smell what comes out their asses?

palin-losing-side hare1 71Iih+oOToS dea4709617ba7f64067227af8b61973f

 mostevilmeninhistory capitalism bbb9 Whos diary


Fables of Aesop The Only Monogamous Book Royal Families of Europe I hear Banjos Nina Tryggvason anthropology quote Power of Myth

Tapisserie de Bayeux - Scène 57 : La mort d'Harold

Tapisserie de Bayeux – Scène 57 : La mort d’Harold

king-harold-ii-depicted-bayeux-tapestry-did-king-harold-really-die-battle-hastings Bayeux_Tapestry_2 zeus krishna jesus christ BM4BMK_2937399b

Headlines from 1982 proclamation of the Charter

Headlines from 1982 proclamation of the Charter

0b2fca8ca6ecb5d8e079c75734d9512e god_save_the_queen_by_biggstankdogg-d32d9us trumbull-large1 cfda2609771b2adb7cc1ee9ca76943ef human_evolutionary_tree image017

sublime: from the absurd to the ridiculous

Kit-Kat-lifetime-supply-of-chocolate-compensation-Saima-Ahmad-Enfield-Nestle-wafer-491467 bike-dscn8278 human race Genghis_Khan_Army_Donkey_Lion_Small fatherhood-and-parenthood-recommended genghis-khan-quote-1 kenneally_565 word 8295843 dateonomics roos unknown


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