Abandoned Saudi Embassy Arsoned

Stephen Fry on being offendedRicky Gervais on flyiing

Police say they found signs of break-and-enter at abandoned building

Worth at least $1.5 million

According to the city of Gatineau’s assessment roll, the two-story house was built in 1930 and is still the property of the Embassy of Saudi Arabia.

It is believed to be worth at least $1.5 million, according to municipal documents.

Fire destroys former Saudi Arabia embassy building in Gatineau

09 14 2011 evil-homeopathistworkers

Curious to know, why was this heritage building not secured?

And if it is empty, why do they own our Wheat Board and Canada brokering American arms dealers until a Canadian Flag – both actions done under the former administration – and former PM Harper, now sitting MP under Interim Leader Rona Ambrose….

safe protected lovedCleiopatrahomeless reflects society

Imperial Oil seeks approval for a new $2B Alberta oilsands project

Canada produces the most expensive Oil in the world at the cost of our environment, Canada has been too long the Cannon Fodder on the world’s stage.

Protective Legislation Be Goneenvironmental disasters

Chrystia Freeland heralds ‘real breakthrough’ on softwood lumber negotiations

Canada has been too long the Last of the Original Old Growth Forests, and we loose trees when we should use hemp. also not using paper or helium at all wastefully.

We should be tapping into renewable energies – not vampiring off the carbonized and compressed remains of what has come before us.

Nina gagged on stressno borderswater and air

Welcome to the 7th mass extinction, curious how we hasten towards demise.

makes me want to cryhard vs soft science



NDP loses 2 more candidates, campaign manager due to social media posts

glacier bay pollutiona collapsing economic system

dear politicians,

talking about politics on line is how people like to debate and bash other other, like fans of sports teams trash talking or any other non-lethal rivalry –

it sways no one’s opinion – politics, religion and sex are the three verboten conversations of polite society, tedious zero sum, stand there and say yes/no while having a slap fight. The first 2 because people rarely ever change sides, and the last because people exaggerate and lie about it. It’s like bragging about how good one is as a solitaire card game player.

so… let me explain:

Social Media Morphing:

Web 1.0 the era of HTML – you had to know how to code to have a page and what was put up was your hobbies and interests.

Eventually, anything popular must be monotized, so add supported interest pages on topics, added on forums, grown from the BBS and MUDs.

Myspace was the first site that blended text, video and photos, with easy upload, the bubblegum bloom of the net, as most in America only got access when they went to University unless they were AV geeks. Computer Geeks and other variations on the mathguy model.

Facebook was invented by college kids for college kids to hook up, and how you do that is myspace in one place, a news stream to monitor and see what people are doing without having to actually even contact them.

Take-Away Points:

You do yourselves more harm than good, revealing far more than one should.

Better to be thought a fool, than open one’s mouth and prove it, eh?

Callout: Mark Twain.

first memeDarwin Meme

‘Cuddly’ diplomacy: Canada’s new panda cubs renew the politics of cuteness

Thomas Moore200px-A_Modest_Proposal_1729_CoverNina Tryggvason and Mom April 23 2012

Trudeau family gifts Barack, Michelle Obama with Canadian-made presents

Time to ask the British and other “world” museums to return Canadian artifacts to Canadian ones….

Nina and The DevilUs vs ThemNina the Skeptic

planned obsolescence131111-intimidation-tactics-gun-nuts-protect-america-from-moms-eating-lunch

Christine Craft too old too ugly and not deferntial to menWonder Woman Secretary SuperheroNina ERT manual


UhuraUsing plans available to download for free, a man used a 3D printer to make a prosthetic hand for his son for only $10. More info: http://bit.ly/1bWwXRU

Royal Families of Europe I hear BanjosCanadian War on Queers

P3: Privatize Profits and Publicize the Costs to Society? no thanks. Workers must be paid enough to afford the products they make, which must be safe for consumer consumption.

Buyers cannot beware when corporations determine education and access to information. Nor can corporations be trusted to self regulate – all that means is that they compile a defensive war chest and lobby the government that regulates them….

Trans Pacific Partnership is no dealNina Tryggvason anthropology quote

Marlboro Man burn books then people

NSA jokeThe anti vax trio of death

Aitzaz Hasanlives matter

Nina with National Geo Polygamy in AmericaMale Domination


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