Why do the Men get an Accent: Dykes Don’t

I think that the reason there is a gay male accent is because they had screen time in movies as the Fussy Concierge among other Archetypes, while on screen lesbians barely spoke and always ended up dead

movies were code – Friends of Dorothy,

Are Gay men are men with the language skills of women, they gossip thrive – mextrosexuals they male body pride – Gym Queens, Leather Things, Bearded Bears oh my! after all, in most species, the males have the brighter plumage to attract mates, compete for mates and be devoured by predators so that the female bearing young might live!

Women being lesbians, pulls their brains to maleness and awkward girls librarian or they Stone Butch ape men, there are generational variations to the butch/femme – and the butchest one had to let the femme one be saved by a man and then die, or kill them or be a vampire….

The Hunger ninas-heavenly-delights-movie-poster-2006-1020483716 3822180large_t4cBoDqrYdSr8tv79ZfgIgu0XY8

there are generational variations to the butch/femme ubermale/twinkie and the heteronormative monosexuals, with the additional wobble variation of gender identity informing how butch or how femme, and ultimately gender expression and bisexuals leading to the new pansexuality encompassing option.

it’s been like 100 years since actual gender reassignment surgery has been an option, and drag has been around since like ever, the quickest cheapest laugh is a man in drag or getting his junk kicked.

People copied what they saw on screen, it’s where society tells us what our options are and form how we are considered.

it also has to safe to be heard, or else alter one’s voice and speak the closet language of avoiding pronouns or maintaining a dual life….one does what one musts to survive..

Memes or Genes?


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Lesbian and bisexual women produced less fronted /u/ and /ɑ/ than heterosexual women. GayYou assume it isn’t there because you don’t see it.So, if the question is: Why do so many flamboyantly gay men have such different voices?

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Sep 29, 2008 – There is a sort of stereotypical accent, of the butch sport playing kind oflesbians, as in they talk more like men than women, you know?

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