My name is Racheline Maltese and I have a lesbian accent

I am a Canadian Dyke and I think that the reason there is a gay male accent is because they had screen time in movies as the Fussy Concierge among other Archetypes, while on screen lesbians barely spoke and always ended up dead – movies were code – Friends of Dorothy, gay men are men with the language skills of women, they gossip thrive – women being lesbians, pulls their brains to maleness and awkward girls librarian or they Stone Butch ape men, there are generational variations to the butch/femme ubermale/twinkie and the heteronormative monosexuals, with the additional wobble variation of gender identity informing how butch or how femme, it’s been like 100 years since actual gender reassignment surgery has been an option.


My name is Racheline Maltese and I have a lesbian accent. (This is now going to turn up as the top hit when you Google me, isn’t it?). The lesbian accent is characterized by significant use of profanity, clipped speaking style, and a different cadence/pitch than is considered typical of most female speech. I just always thought I was from New York.

Of course, I have a lot of other accents too. I have a private school accent, because of the social circle in which I grew up and was educated. And I have the accent I use at home, where my first-generation father asks if I brushed my tooth, fixed my hairs, or shut the light. Like a lot of people who have several accents or verbal homes, I sometimes code switch so that I’m the right person for the right audience as I go about my life. It’s…

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