How’s the World Treating You?

Worker’s Entitlement v Management Treatment

I had a thought about worker’s sense of entitlement in the workplace I don’t mean the fair treatment, wages, working conditions, credit for work, equal pay and work – the basic reasonable stuff.

I mean the intentional little sabotage stuff – individual work slow downs, pushing the limits of break time, using sick leave when you’re not, expecting wages out of proportion to the value of the job, office theft of supplies, diva behaviour and other petty things.

I’ll even admit to occasionally engaging in bad behaviour myself – it often seems like the worst behaviour is encouraged and sometimes rewarded!

But I thought about the flip side – why managers seem to think of and treat employees like small children.

I wonder if there’s a direct relationship with worker’s sense of entitlement of being owed by management Is in direct proportion to management’s infantalizing the workers? Could it be that employees demand more benefits, more leave, more more more Because we’re being treated like children?

Managers withholding information, not valuing contributions or worse, taking credit for our contributions.

Are we in a death spiral with employees acting more and more like spoilt children and managers increasingly viewing us as such?

Did workers act like children first – demanding ever more – and so managers treated us like that?

Or did managers treat us like children and so the behaviour emerged?

each reinforcing the other in a death spiral of bad corporate cultures until we all have to attend anti-harassment and diversity training

which just means more time away from the desk and no improvement in behaviors on either side of the workplace line


management’s goal is to maximize productivity while minimizing compensation

employee’s goal is to minimize productivity for maximum compensation

Memeages: the Evolution of a meme: Team A-Holes

From my previous blog:

Does discrimination lead to becoming a terrorist?



The Queer Civil Rights Movement has used the courts, rather than violence.

Religion continues to use violence to oppress people socially and systemically.


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