Party Politics: From Nomination to Nod

The American Political Parties have a different process of Candidates for nomination than Canadian ones.


In Canada, to be a MP (Member of Parliament – Federal) or MLA (Member of Legislative Assembly – Provincial), you have to first win in a riding and be the one who brings in the most party memberships.

And then, you have to win the riding in an election first past the post race with other party’s nominees, and it’s the public who decide who gets the nod to hold office AND the Most Seats Party Leader puts their bum in the Top Office Chair.


Whereas, in America, their public voters determine how the electoral college does it and every-time I try to wrap my head around it, my eyes cross. As it turns out, the Republican and Democratic Parties have variations for picking who is running for the top spot:

Marco Rubio’s hopes for Republican nomination could be over


The Canadian Conservatives have a Must be a Party Member 6 month waiting period, no parachuting in with invitation?

Conservatives issue rules for leadership contest to replace Stephen Harper


In Canada, we tend to focus on the person running for office and do not require the Family On Display as Americans do – it is the separation of work and life where balance is, not the blurring.

Justin Trudeau arrives in Washington for official U.S. visit


Keystone ‘sucked all the oxygen’ out of Canada-U.S. relationship, new ambassador says



The two most popular choices were Nellie McClung — who led the fight for the women’s vote in Canada in the early 1900s — and Laura Secord, a heroine of the War of 1812.

Other popular choices included:

  • Artist Emily Carr
  • Civil rights icon Viola Desmond
  • Author Lucy Maud Montgomery

Here are some of the other suggestions that came up in the discussion.

Adelaide Hunter Hoodless, Agnes Macphail, Charlotte Whitton, Elizabeth Bagshaw, Elsie MacGill, Emily Howard Stowe, Emily Murphy, The Famous Five, Gertrude Moltke Bernard, Jennie Trout, Kateri Tekakwitha, Mary Pickford, Muriel McQueen Ferguson, Nahnebahwequay, Pauline Johnson and Shanawdithit.


the Canadian Conspiracy – begins with Mary Pickford

4014-poor-little-rich-girl-mary-pickford mary_pickford_book_cover_a_p

Control vs Influence: O Canada, eh?

Photoplay-March-1915-A-Weekend-With-Mary-Pickford-1-400x590 tumblr_n3qtsjIsyG1rdfgw4o1_r2_500

Canada to annex America?




GOP: Hierarchy vs Grassroots



The GOP’s Trump Problem


News Aversion Therapy: CBC vs BBC


Is Business the Bra of Church and State?


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