Images: The Silent and Black&White Era

Thomas Edison, patent thief and capitalistic robber baron robbed Tesla of his scientific stature as much as fame, although there is no mad scientist archetype in real life more than him.


Nikola Tesla realized that the Earth Itself is a perpetual motion machine as far as humans are concerned – wave – water, wind and SOLAR – he plucked energy from the atmosphere, what he could not do, was predict it’s path – Chaos Theory and Quantum Mechanics was in it’s infancy.


With Edison fighting over power format – AC vs DC with Tesla on one side and Einstein mathing at him on the other – Tesla still managed to build a machine out of wood and hand machined parts so sturdy that the US Army had a hell of a time bringing it down.

Too bad it was not better documented and applied to building code standards, eh?

the most astonishing facial expression of utter loss of incalculable magnitude caught on film – Garbo.

beyonce-fem-072114sp EmmyNoether

the lesson of all science fiction is that we lack the wisdom to manage our inventions, and we invent ourselves most of all.

tesla_tower Nikola_TeslaWar-Worlds-Wells-Gorey

Mary Shelly’s three day novel Frankenstien, is a giant of the genre, a Victorian Morphine, Cocaine and orgies fuelled a weekend of some of the most creative science fiction.

cocaine_tooth_drops pinkhamad snakeoil_0

HG Wells, would prove to be the master and HP Lovecraft the Madness or sanity, turning religion inside out to reveal the true horror that it was.

20-2 114567L 914f68a736cf6b7e6e45d67865fbb1c8

The Victorian Era of Chemical Addition and turning herbal folk remedies into purified doses, it was the age of experimentation, and gave rise to Truth in Advertising Laws.

536d4891e205e071a55b46a3f21827aa.507x96x1 greciancrop

The Victorian Era Europeans were exploding with Penny Dreadful novels, lurid newspaper coverage of crime and the shock to learn that the extent of the Ancient world – Rome, Greece and Egypt and Treasure hunting and fame seeking adventures filled up the British, among other European nations’ museums and private collectors of antiquities.


Archaeology after all, is little more than hard core antiquing, it is not? Anthropology studying peoples and the former artifacts to study people.

69254d9ecbc1bd671f7ee6bebe570ace newton-amp-039-s-law-of-internet_o_2061071  images

Gothic – True Gothic – Victorian Antiquarian

The Era of Spiritualism along with Houdini as the first Modern Skeptic to incorporate De-bunking – and mass media celebrity – defying even technology to detect the manner he accomplished his magical stunts. Dislocating shoulder blade and contortionist mostly.

Edgar_Allan_Poe_daguerreotype_crop Absinthe-glass   polidoro-houdini-came-back-posterL'Arroseur Arrosé 2

Oddly the Homeopathy and Chiropractic ideas of that era, persist despite their lack of medial rigour and more harm than good – in wasted money, time, delaying treatments or counter/contra-indicated.

91x5qg7EUbL._SL1500_ houdini0491dZwEY-lDL._SL1500_

Traditional Goth is generally The Girl comes into the household, a nanny, a maid, a secretary; she brings social order norms, cleanliness and opens the curtains to

Reveal the Family Scion, often a second son shouldering the burden of the Family Secret.

a family suicide a crazy aunt or mother in the attic – American Gothic the inbred child in the basement.

The secret reveal, the world made right and the House Burns down, freeing them both.

The Girl

  1. Golden Blonde
  2. Raven Brunette
  3. Fiery Red

– is an orphan raised by insert Code Queer:

  1. Spinster Aunt
  2. Confirmed Bachelor Uncle

If she is middle to lower class, she is raped by a nobleman of the manor

If she is upper middle to fallen middle and now a servant, raped by a:

  1. Highwayman
  2. Pirate
  3. Robber
  4. yes, these are all the same thing, by wilderness, road or rivers

Eventually, he will feel remorse and realize that there is more than rape and pillage, sometimes it’s nice when they aren’t screaming but willing and he will do something to win her back and earn her.

pandoras_box_1 Pandora's_Box_(film) dt.main.ce.Stream.cls

Victorian Morbidity was owing to high infant mortality and child death rates; but it was a new era of freedom of our bodies, condoms became available and treatments for many ills and treatments that became ills – vices and addictions.

The Industrial Revolution released the first pollution, it turned trees from white to black and changed the butterfly population’s dominate colour. People breathed in fumes and smoke, modern pollution was born and eventually deposited on glaciers, or bottom of ocean or bled out of the atmosphere.

wotw6a779ef67aaefea5da3f347757a364bbc  hollyhwoodland

It was the Industrial Age which became the Grandparent revolution for the working poor, the grandparents, usually mother would watch their adult children off to factory work and also the children.

Queen Vicky Vintage_Potemkin  Odessastepsbaby

Battleship Potemkin, the Russian Revolution, the first use of the Dissolve to show time changes, audiences were stunned by a shot of a ship being suddenly filled with people and the iconic Think of the Baby shot – the carriage down the steps.

\ Cabinet-Of-Dr.-Caligari- bp-posterCabinetofCaligari_KarlOskarBlase2

The inmates running the asylum, the unreliable narrator, The Cabinet of Dr Caligari cameraShirley-temple-ca-1936-everettBB or YM&FG

Childhood was actually an invention of America in the 1950s – television replaced babysitters, friends, siblings and other family members; leading to the Gadget Gaze of no human eye contact we have today – knowing that the Quality rather than Quantity Time failed.

The 1950s was the decade that Teenagers had easy jobs and pocket money – disposable income. They did the assistant, shipping and delivery front end work to learn the business from the bottom up.

Elvis Presley, it wasn’t just how his body was his instrument, widespread legs, quivering torso and wildly gesturing hands to conduct the musical sounds, it was his eye rolls, and facial expressions, utterly authentic, unguarded, the atomic powered singer. amphetamines, anyway.


media-ownershipPicture 3_38media-ownership-crispin-quote

so the children who became teenagers in the 1960s, and by the 1970s, the heterosexuals were acting like homosexuals and America shifted away form the idea of one sex partner for life.

pandorasbox1sh-371x600 pandora

Movies at first where filmed theatrical plays, actors exaggerating their motions and emotions, emote to the back row, so to speak.

Tragic Romance Broken BLossomsrelearning to smile

The early film were high constrast and shot at a different speed than we are used to watching today, frame flicker rate.

Eventually, the films morphed into more greyscale, dramatic lighting.



in the sound era

Lights camera speed CLACK action, and only the last word is said by the director.

they don’t say AAANNnnnnnnddd cut. cut. scene end – actors know to keep going.

harper-lee-flagler tumblr_nqd5eqUrZc1uqf15co1_1280

people watched and behaviour/behavior norms spread and much has been sold to the public through movies, the least of which being the movie itself, eh.

tumblr_n3qtsjIsyG1rdfgw4o1_r2_500 Photoplay-March-1915-A-Weekend-With-Mary-Pickford-1-400x590

Mary Pickford was Canadian, she was a founder of United Artistsmary_pickford_book_cover_a_p 4014-poor-little-rich-girl-mary-pickford

Victorian Goth, the Morbid Realities, the modern Punk to Goth to Emo..whiney teenagers?

The sewing circleThe Cinema Book

shakespeare is public domain, and really, what was left to write? speculative science – only possible at the Industrial Revolution – and the modern era sciences emerged from guess work and alchemist and engineers, fiddlers and inventors and discoverers – xray, photo sensitivity – cameras, radio, moving pictures, sound in film, television broadcast, wireless communications. Broadband internet…

The Only Monogamous Bookqueer film and tv

what stories and how we tell them – and learn them – reading from reflected light or having light and sound directed into your vision and ears?

Metropolis AL and AI

brain processing, greyscale to colour – the art of lighting and set decorating and costumes.

vs real life colour technicolour and now Blu Ray High Def better resolution than real life.

all these things that we have invented and can learn from about how to understand the world and where we are different and not, from everyone else.

wells war of the worldsbig book o citizen kane

the other dimensions that patterns take on an once upon a time, having a mirror to see your own face was a massive social change

Social Engineering Specialist TryggvasonTesla Energy Quote

wonse… phukking fonix



the most important film ever filmed  on the moon, the hammer and feather fall

observe: physics in action


once upon a time, movies boasted casts of hundreds, then thousands and 10’s of

now, a click cut and paste a million, a 10 million army on screen.

Actors move bullet time and camera pov through greenscreen CGI backgrounds,

action is cheaper than talkies, no need to translate or have dialog on screen, where it used to be in theatrical inter-titles.

the toilet in a house was invented in the Victorian Era, but it wasn’t until the 1960s and Hitchcock’s Psycho that one was featured onscreen.



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