News Aversion Therapy: CBC vs BBC

Union Local 613 men to show skin to highlight discrimination

Men working at Union Local 613 will be decked out in high heels, mini skirts and low-cut tops on Wednesday night to highlight discrimination against women in the service industry.

NBTA claims teachers donning Kevlar clothing in classrooms

Teachers are being forced to wear protective clothing made from Kevlar to protect them from violent situations in their classrooms,
24% Emily Carr
23% Nellie McClung
13% Lucy Maud Montgomery
23% Laura Secord
18% Other


Former B.C. killer whale involved in deaths of 2 trainers in deteriorating health


The Above Links are from CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation – Radio and Television) and the Below are from BBC – The British Broadcast Mother Corp.


Palestinian kills US tourist in Israel

Stop trying to force Armageddon godbots, adults with invisible friends who tell them to kill other people need medical intervention and public education is the cure for the social ill of religion, the original virus in the wetware contagion, by the sword or by the word that only instructs in said sword use. 

Could Trump’s vulgarity cost him the nomination?

Trump has scared the GOP as being too crystalline a message, and yet, they are yet to recoil from the proteges of the corporate consumer culture that they have wrought. 

EU exit is ‘biggest domestic risk’

before the last ice age, the “British Isles” were totally connected by land to Europe.

map_of_ancient_civilizations Why is this underwater now? because there used to be 3 miles of ice on the North American continent then.... it melted and this disappeared under the water

The early Britons were Europeans, and on the fringe of the Roman Classical Era, the last Mediterranean Empire Standing, fell because the centre could not hold against over extension.

it was a wave of Vikings – Saxons from the north and Norman Vikings from France, the Vikings that cut down through Denmark to Germany, down to the very Mediterranean – could they have been the Sea People who swept through one Kingdom around the Sea? they did after all come from the ocean with boats designed to surf the deep waves and ride the shallow rivers inward to the shore?

Vikings were,after all, the only groups that Christians paid them to convert; so they did, often.


2004 December 26: the day the earth wobbled on it’s axis and a quarter of a million people died in a single natural disaster in the Global Common Era and within Living Memory.

plate_colour_diagram2 25_tsunami







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