It’s 2016 and the 70s Happened

Suffering Suffragettes, from voting for to running for who is in office.

From the Secretary Pool to the Corner Office. Labour and Worker Rights are Women’s Rights too. It’s not just about reproduction, but representation, eh?

it’s about making choices for ourselves in our legal, financial, family and reproductive affairs – how can it be that in America, the land of the Free, is still not equal for women?

International Women’s Day 2016

Sovereignty: The personal vs The Political

World Left Right Centre Spins

Canada vs America: Culture

Finding the Funny: Religion vs Sex (no funny found)

the Funny Side of Washing Your Hands

Shut In Stand Up

Funny search terms

Funniest Search Terms 2

Funny search terms 3

Funny Seach Terms 4

Funny search terms 5

Funny Searches 6th Edition

20 years since Royal Commission on Aboriginal Peoples, still waiting for change

OscarsSoWhite 2016

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