Funny Searches 6th Edition

It is interesting to see by which search terms people stumble upon one’s blog.

because sometimes, they reveal a timeliness of timelessness.

  • lenny bruce reading
  • fat elvis
  • elvis presley le sheik

In the 1950s, when Elvis Presley enjoyed being a celebrity, he used to go to Hollywood Parties, which often had dress/costume themes or held on actual holiday events.

24863_900Harum Scarum SwordElvis sheik

Obscenity vs Blasphemy: Elvis v Lenny Bruce


Nina Reads! The Trials of Lenny Bruce


095151438fc06afaabb35b29f53e594ctumblr_nkmvtn3iz81s0hd7do1_500 Colonel-Parker-Elvis_Presley-Harum-Scarum-

Elvis Presley was such a sexual charge in American Culture that this allegedly G-rate gif is actually pretty softpornographic.

In the 1950s, when girls left the auditoriums, they would rub the stage where he had stood and created instant rubbings and connections, these later morphed into scarves from around his very neck – and kisses from warm lips rather than to a cold ring, direct face to face contact, a shared breath fan and idol, Elvis has Left the Building.

The Elvis black leather special of 1968, in the era when deodorants and anti-perspiration, along with gum, toothpaste, mouthwash and soaps everything to make you not smell like you or even a person was the first time a television audience saw a singer sweat.

Not just glisten, but rivulets that are often mistaken for tears in photos, from the hairline down the contours of the forehead, around the eyes, then the cheeks, droplet plinko, chaos theory, which way will the drop run?

57a34cab92b602ab4b1ea841a69bae81b99550730z.1_20150804164650_000_g7pc333r.1-2Bad Movie Elvis Quote

  • rolling stones vs queen
  • bonobo vs chimpanzee
  • flipchart sheldon

Hmmm… I usually mention The Stones in context of The Beatles, whom they have outlasted… we where calling them The Steelwheelchair Tour in the 1990s….


Primate World: Chimps and Bonobos

Why are there monkeys?

From Primate to Corporate Culture

PrimateWatch: The Age of the Chimp Dawns


Relatable TV Characters: Big Bang Theory’s Sheldon


Dr Sheldon Cooper


From Commercial to sitcom: Cavemen

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